Mister Mellow — Washed Out

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Mister Mellow — Washed OutPerry, Georgia: “Where Georgia Comes Together” — This hot and sleepy South Georgia town is the birthplace of a pioneer in modern music’s most unique movement to date, appropriately labeled “chillwave.” 

To the layperson, the chillwave movement might be considered more of a background track to a hip new clothing store, but there is an expanded universe of infinite compositions that can be discovered. Mister Mellow, the latest release by Washed Out, is a perfect example.

Washed Out mastermind Ernest Greene sews a quilt of sweet, mushy beats, sultry dance rhythms with glitchy retro layers that slink around his lighter-than-air vocals to create the perfect atmosphere for any venue. A graduate of the University of Georgia with a Master of Library and Information Science, Greene opted out of being confined to the Dewy Decimal System and created a dewy-library of science where experiential inspiration and influence meets musical mastery and craft. 

The follow-up to the 2013 smash Paracosm, Mister Mellow reveals more of Washed Out’s immeasurable talent of crossfading the genres of jazz, soul, funk, house, disco-synth, VHS tracking slurs, hip hop and laptop folk, which he stirs to a slow simmer. All of the musical flavors naturally forge a sonic force field that makes the work day more productive, a long drive totally worth it and a flight more delightful. 

Mister Mellow is the perfect soundtrack to lure summer fun back to a refreshed reality. 

- Chris Rucker