Something To Tell You — HAIM

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HaimEver wondered what would happen if the best of what made late 1980’s pop gold decided to sprout life in the 2000s? Enter three sisters who were barely out of diapers when the pop died. Este, Danielle and Alana Haim, collectively known as HAIM, have gathered the ancient ruins of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis-era pop gold and have seamlessly recreated layers upon layers of style and influence with their uniquely familiar sound. This follow-up to their 2014 smash debut, Days Are Gone, finds the sisters four years older and 20 years wiser musically. Something To Tell You is a product well crafted.

HAIM caught the ear of Stevie Nicks for this ride, and she became a mentoring force behind the refinement of songwriting. By proxy, the sound has reflections of Fleetwood Mac’s Tango In The Night album, with 60s fuzz and a pinch of Wilson Phillips — in a good way. The rhythm hooks create a smooth ride over bumpy cadence and raw emotion as the record pulls the listener through the trials and victories of life, senses and relationships. A wise tip the sisters took from Nicks was to keep an active journal where finding something poetic every day was the goal.

Each track has its rightful place in the pecking order for a robust experience, but the sizzle reel would include “Want You Back,” “You Never Knew” and “Night So Long.” Get your routine back in place with a little HAIM in the rotation.

- Chris Rucker