Souvenir — Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors

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Literary LoopExperiences of life and love, aligned with fables sewn together like a quilt of remnant road stories and pure imagination —that, in a nutshell, is Souvenir, the latest release by Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors. Holcomb and Co. have been traveling the highways and byways for the past 12 years and have managed to release 10 solid albums. Virtually unknown to most, Holcomb continues to pour out songwriting gold with no signs of stopping. 

Souvenir is a slight departure in soundscape compared to its predecessors, but the roots of Americana, steeped in passion, have never been more delicate. Holcomb has mastered the mood that harkens the whispers and welcomes the crescendos. There’s chaos and rawness with tones of hope and positivity that pour through each track. 

Most notably, songs like “Rowdy Heart, Broken Wing” and “The Morning Song” carry an effortless Jim Croce-esque vibe while rockin’ tonkin’ songs like “California” and “Sometimes” drive excitement and unexpected genius. Holcomb has a pure knack for taking the simple and obvious and crafting a unique memory that uses every sensory mechanism attached to the head and the heart. 

Overall, Souvenir is named appropriately. You will enjoy it just as much tens of years down the road. 

- Chris Rucker