A Taste for Fun


waffle house valentineFor a special treat, take your true love to Waffle House – yes, Waffle House – for Valentine’s Day. 

Any day is a good day to order hash browns smothered, covered, chunked, diced, peppered, capped or topped at Waffle House. However, one Waffle House in Columbia County is taking comfort food to a new level with a special surprise for customers on February 14.

The Waffle House at 438 South Belair Road is offering a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for two that will include a pair of T-bone steaks, salad, hash browns, drinks and chocolate pie. The staff also will decorate the restaurant for the occasion with red tablecloths and candles and set up a photo booth for pictures. 

At least one local Waffle House usually offers a Valentine’s Day special each year, says Rhonda Flanders, the area manager.

“We’re here for the community. We have some customers that eat with us three or four times a day, so this is something different and out of the ordinary for them,” she says.

Reservations are recommended, so it’s a good idea to plan ahead and reserve a special Valentine’s booth. Customers also can order their Valentine’s Day dinner from the regular menu.

“Waffle House is a special place already,” Flanders says, “and it’s even more special on Valentine’s Day.”