Belair Dental Associates

Dental Care

Quality care delivered with the latest technologies – and an old-fashioned personal touch – is a winning formula at Belair Dental Associates. Dr. Ruth Ann D’Arco and Dr. Carmen Vaughn, co-owners, have a gift for putting even their most anxious patients at ease in their general and cosmetic dentistry practice.

“It’s important to build a relationship based on trust with our patients. They need to be as comfortable as possible,” says Dr. D’Arco, who founded the family practice in 1992. “And if they need more than personal reassurance, we now offer sedation dentistry.”

The dentists use state-of-the-art techniques in all of their procedures at their high-tech, paperless office, and they take continuing education classes to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in their field. Their services include:

• All Tooth-Colored Fillings
• Whitening with Zoom!
• Lumineers
• TMJ and Gum Treatments
• Sedation dentistry
• CEREC machines that allow crowns in one visit 
• Invisalign
• Veneers
• Implant Placement/Restoration
• Digital X-rays
• Snap-on smile

With two dentists in the practice, Belair Dental Associates is open five days a week.

“That flexibility has always been a big plus for us and for our patients. It allows us to spend time with our own families, and our patients know that someone will always be here when they need us,” Dr. D’Arco says. “We’re grateful for our patients that entrust us with their care.”

She likes the challenges of dentistry that constantly enable her to learn and to improve, and patients ultimately benefit from her desire to push herself.

Another rewarding aspect of dentistry is that it can restore a patient’s smile.

“Some patients think their smile can never be fixed, but after we fix it for them, they wonder why they waited so long,” Dr. Vaughn says.


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