Colors of Love — Brian Culbertson

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Colors-of-LoveLove on top of love is in the air, and nothing complements the season more than some smooth jams to set the dimmer on low and welcome some cozy feels. This year’s mackdaddy secret weapon is the latest release from R&B-jazz-funk icon Brian Culbertson, titled appropriately Colors of Love

Culbertson is no stranger to the vibe train. In fact, most would consider him the conductor. Over his career spanning two decades and 14 studio releases, his 15th is quite possibly the lushest and most personally connected. 

Inspired by his 20th wedding anniversary last fall, this 12-track instrumental love journey centers primarily on his acoustic piano with a bouquet of rhythm instruments that Culbertson plays himself to envelope and embrace the mood. Quite the departure from the gritty Funk! release last year.

This album will be released like a flock of doves on Valentine’s Day and not a moment too soon. Culbertson is currently on tour and had this to say regarding the Colors of Love, Live set: “It’s going to be a very theatrical presentation with video images and lighting timed to the music. This music is visual and cinematic… It’s going to be larger than life when you see it live.”

I can think of a newly opened local venue that would be the perfect fit.

– Chris Rucker