The Horizon Just Laughed — Damien Jurado

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album-cover-Aug-2018In the vast realms of audio files in the commercial singer-songwriter galaxy, there dwells Damien Jurado, an assertive and compulsive artist whose lush tunes and fearlessly personal momentum has been trudging along the highways and byways of musical genius for the past 20 years. 

After 15 releases and a slew of EPs, Jurado has emerged as an instant inspiration to all in the Americana genre with his latest release, The Horizon Just Laughed. Jurado has the uncanny ability to strike a distinctive chord that marries a personal connection with atmospheric vibes, enabling all who hear his music to immediately relate in all circumstances. This go around, he recorded and produced the release himself, and the results are sonically stellar. 

The tracks are a travelogue of optimism, wisdom and simple reflection. Jurado has never been short of material as he amplifies a unique perspective in the mysterious nucleus of emotion, evoking a different reaction with every listen. 

The layers of textural arrangements encapsulate his velvety-rough delivery in an approachable way that illuminates the melancholy and wraps bright, wild abandon with an emotional bow. Incorporating shoe-gazing jazz strings, samba rhythms and analog chop-strums, Jurado’s candor finds the silver lining that leads to new horizons, even when it laughs back. 

– Chris Rucker