A Matter of Course


Classes have been proposed for the Columbia County School District’s upcoming Learning Innovation Campus.

Columbia County School District administrators recently proposed a number courses that could be offered at its Learning Innovation Campus, a centrally located high school campus that is coming to the county.

Pending approval by the school board, the curriculum could include classes in advanced manufacturing and logistics, architecture and construction, engineering, cyber, performing arts, and teaching and education.

Up to 1,000 students from all five of the school system’s high schools will be able to take three courses at the L.IN.C., and they will attend morning or afternoon sessions.

Construction of the new school, which will be located on the former Evans Elementary School site on Gibbs Road, will begin this summer. The school should open in 2022.

“This campus will allow us to offer students pathways that are not currently offered in their home schools, while allowing them to remain students at their home schools.,” says Dr. Sandra Carraway, superintendent of schools.

School administrators also recommended moving the district-wide International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme from Lakeside High School to the L.IN.C.