Film & TV Production


Marquee movie jobs are returning to Georgia. Gov. Brian Kemp recently announced that major motion picture, television and streaming companies plan to bring back and hire an estimated 40,000 production workers for an expected 75 projects.

The production projects will invest more than $2 billion into the Georgia economy in the next 18 months.

According to the Motion Picture Association-America, this development includes plans by producers to purchase goods and services from more than 17,000 Georgia small businesses.

The major production companies include Walt Disney Company, NBC Universal, Netflix, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros.

This announcement follows the publication of “COVID-19: Georgia Best Practices for Film and Television,” a production guide for studios provided by the Georgia Film Office.

This guide complements the safety protocols recently released by the Industry-Wide Labor-Management Safety Committee Task Force, which will help to ensure a safe workplace environment and reduce the spread of the virus.

In 2019, the 391 film and television productions filmed in Georgia supported 3,040 motion picture and television industry businesses.