Home Run


According to a new study by financial technology company SmartAsset, the three healthiest housing markets in Georgia are Martinez, Evans and Thomson.

Martinez scored at the top of the index with a score of 99.66. With owners living in the same home an average of 13.3 years, the Martinez market is the most stable in the state. Martinez also is the third-most affordable housing market in Georgia, with home costs making up only 17.8% of the owner’s income on average.

Evans ranked second on the index with a score of 96.10. Homes in Evans are even more affordable than those in Martinez, with prices on average accounting for 17.3% of the owner’s income.

Thomson ranked third on the housing market index with a score of 79.37. All three housing markets sold fastest among the top-10 markets, with houses in the three cities on the market an average of 65.2 days prior to being sold.

The company analyzed criteria including how long residents stay in the same home, the percentage of homes with negative equity and decreasing value, how long houses stay on the market and how affordable homes are to people in that market.