Vision 2035


Based on community input, Columbia County is updating its comprehensive growth and development plan

Columbia County is updating Vision 2035, its comprehensive growth and development management plan, and county officials hope to adopt the new plan by the first quarter of 2021. The plan, approved by county commissioners in 2016, requires an update every five years. Commercial and industrial development such as White Oak Business Center and the expansion and development of the Gateway area in Grovetown.

“We will continue to pursue our objectives in the most appropriate way possible and in the locations that make the most sense,” Sterling says. “And we need to absorb the growth caused by Fort Gordon.”

While growth, including development and redevelopment, is occurring throughout the county, he says there is more land to develop in western Columbia County.

“We’re trying to grow smart and figure out where new development needs to go. We have development standards in place, and we need to minimize the effect on infrastructure,” Sterling says. “We’ll continue to work through the update process, and we’re looking at additional public outreach with more hearings in the fall or early winter.”