Egypt Station — Paul McCartney

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Egypt-StationSeventeen solo albums after the collapse of the Beatles, Paul McCartney, aka Macca, is as inventive and relevant as ever with his new release, Egypt Station. The insurgence of rock ‘n’ roll is alive and kicking with the royal patriarch at the helm. 

Macca’s melodic style and open spirit envelopes his timeless mark as the approachable and playful Beatle for life. His unique English on the ball (pun intended) is prevalent on Egypt Station as he takes us on a magical and mysterious journey of life well lived with more to come.

Stylistically, Macca’s harmonies, rhythmic tones and purely bottled vocals are at the forefront of some of his most impactful songwriting to date. A prime example is the sobering ditty “Happy with You,” which hollers his view on a life well lived without foreign substances. Instead it’s simple love and the attraction of relational camaraderie that is the only drug at the end of the day.

In our polarizing society, music binds the differences and creates a playing field for everyone to enjoy without shocking-position or overstating an agenda. We can all rally the anthem of love and happiness and what makes life and the company of others so rewarding. Paul McCartney minds the gap, falls into the gap, and bridges the gap that music needs right now with a familiar hope for the horizons that give us the beautiful dawn and the majestic dusk. Egypt Station is the perfect soundtrack for experiencing life in real time and having a real time experiencing life. Deep thoughts for your day. 

– Chris Rucker