All Ashore — Punch Brothers

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Punch+Brothers+-+All+Ashore+CoverIt has been 12 years and five records since the inception of the great hybrid-genre-twisted Punch Brothers emerged onto the Americana landscape. 

Along the way we have heard this five-piece group reinvent their sound in many ways, but all in part due to the skilled leadership of the genius that is Chris Thile. After the success of his flagship pop group, Nickel Creek, Thile experimented with a jazz-infused bluegrass concept, covering the likes of Britney Spears and Radiohead and dabbling in blues folk, which has culminated into a unique mix of styles on their latest release, All Ashore

All Ashore is a heavily melodic tromp through nine tracks of lush plucks and haunting strings. The endearing undertones of committed relationships and beautifully crafted landscapes chase the lighter moments and add warmth to the deeper, emotional swings.

As with every Punch Brothers release, there is a sense of concept and wild abandon that allows the musical journey to flourish and explore new, uncharted territory. The cinematic vibe of protagonistic wonder leads the way to rising action and a perfectly crafted climax as each track bleeds into the next. It’s the perfect soundtrack for study halls and coffee shops everywhere.

– Chris Rucker