Bottle It In — Kurt Vile

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kurt-vile-bottle-it-inAmerican rock ‘n’ roll is surely not dead. Thanks to Kurt Vile, the insurgence of pure heart-rock-folk is re-exploring territory originally cultivated by the likes of Jackson Brown and Bob Dylan. 

Vile’s eighth studio release, Bottle It In, is probably one of the finest releases of 2018. With 13 musically refreshing, lyrically stout and steel-cable-tight songs of raw emotion, it is inspired by the nuances of life and love. 

His unpolished, sturdy, low-fi vocals slink around the gentle power chords and jangle loops to create a deep tread that grips the rocky terrain of every track, creating a vibe that is infectious and endearing. Jazzy improvisations crescendo into fuzzy-lush, melodic tones of structured hooks that make you long for more. 

Like a perfect batch of goulash, every track is superbly seasoned and cooked, serving up warm spoonsful of soul that leave you satisfied inside. It’s the perfect soundtrack for welcoming long sleeves, fire pits and road trips into the holiday season.

– Chris Rucker