By and By — Caamp

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Music that is made to last has become a rare commodity these days. The ability to plug, play, package and recycle has been the pioneering landscape of modern airwaves that provides a “hear today, gone today” convenience. It’s a refreshing and welcoming ring when a flourishing workingman’s band claims new territory with the intentions of establishing a lasting impression. This spirit can be found and experienced through the sophomore release from Ohio’s own Caamp.

Caamp quietly joined the caravan of Americana troubadours with a self-titled release in 2016, but has built a mighty campfire with their latest, By and By — pun intended. By and By is a complex, low-fi treasure that assembles a wagon full of delight and surprise with every track. The clean distortion of a Rickenbacker, plinks and strums of a banjo and soft-brushed percussion set a marvelous tone and step to the journey. Whether it’s the enduring and intentional lyric-laden “Moonsmoke” or the cool, crisp melodic dew of “Peach Fuzz,” Caamp brings a canteen of ice cold and refreshing awesome for all.

As we set our gaze on longer days and warmer nights, we all need a Caamp-fueled soundtrack to the season. As the chorus of “Wunderbar” hooks perfectly, “Love and grace is what we need.” FILE UNDER: Ear Glamping.

– Chris Rucker