Get Up Sequences Part 2 — The Go! Team

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Get Up Sequences Part 2 — The Go! Team2023 has arrived, and there is no time like the present to seize the day and rock it like a hurricane. As we courageously trek toward future endeavors and refinement of self, music is a must in the essentials kit of life. One band that is a sure-must in the rotation is The Go! Team, a six-piece powerhouse from Brighton, England.

What started out as a guilty pleasure project for founder and chief bombassador Ian Parton has now gained genius status in the realm of power-packed anthem music.

To describe the flavor of The Go! Team is like pouring a massive bowl of sugar-charged cereal with retro Saturday morning cartoons on full blast and crescendos of ’70s brass and smash drums.

The Go! Team’s latest release, Get Up Sequences Part 2, a sequel to Part One released in 2021, is the tried-and-true formula of variety pak. “Gemini” is a super-charged track to jumpstart every resting heartbeat while “Whammy-O” punches the RPM into a frenzy with a wall of horns and breakbeats. “Divebomb” rallies a groove so infectious it is impossible not to bust into a full-blown dance party.

With a seven-album discography, The Go! Team’s brand of energetic soundscapes is the perfect mix of colors and darks for a sonic laundromat playlist that ignites the passion to live loud and embrace the future. Go! Team, go!

– Chris Rucker