Hill Climber — Vulfpeck

Listen To This

Listen-to-This-JAnVulfpeck, known for its quirky fun-sauce of multi-instrumental sunshine is back with a smooth, jam-full release titled Hill Climber just in time to ring in the new year. 

Hill Climber is 10 songs of just what the doctor ordered for entering 2019 — an arsenal of hope, joy, love and happiness. 

Known for a smattering of VHS -infused EPs, Vulfpeck has matured from unique soundtrack vibes to infectious pop tones of sticky-good tunes that now unveil the vocal candy of Theo Katzman, a founder from inception.

Katzman’s newfound voice and lyrical genius round out the soundscape that has made Vulfpeck such a contagious draw. 

Tracks like the bass-hopping “Half of the Way” and slinky roller jam groove “Darwin Derby” set the pace for the driving kinetic grooves of “Disco Ulysses” and the love potion jam “Love is a Beautiful Thing.”

Life is better with a full Vulf-cup. Drink as much as you want. They will leave you thirsty for more.

– Chris Rucker