Lavender Days — Caamp

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As the summer heatwave crescendos and the waft of autumn begins, the longing for trading the box fan for a campfire is ‘air’ apparent. The soundtrack turns from an open highway headed to the shore into a winding road to the summit, and the tunes to carry the transition can be found on Lavender Days, the third full-length album from the Ohio quartet, Caamp.

For Caamp founders Evan Westfall and Taylor Meier, who appropriately first met at summer camp, the merit badges of success have been earned through an evolution of grit and spirit as they whittle a notch into the Americana roots of folk rock.

This release is a 12-pack of bright, airy tunes that bloom with the dew of optimism and draw a hint of smokey-good soul into the round of layered strings and stomps.

The mustered rally cry of “Believe” drops a little funk into the fire while the river-revival anthem “The Otter” is a back float sing-along into the lazy-river dreamscape of “Garden Song.” All tracks leave a fresh impression on the path of life’s hike through the peaks and valleys. As the sun begins retiring from peak summer season, may Lavender Days be your soundtrack for the dog days.

– Chris Rucker