Let’s Rock — The Black Keys

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After pressing the pause button for five years, The Black Keys return with a simple truth: rock ‘n’ roll will never die.

The duo’s ninth studio release, Let’s Rock, comes off the heels of a much-needed hiatus that proves stripped down analog-blues is an essential and blended spool of shred-thread in the musical tapestry of popular culture music.

When The Black Keys hit the scene in the early 2000s, most naysayers tossed them in a bin of midwestern 70’s throwback rip-offs, but — make no mistake — these guys mean business, and they certainly take care of it.

As if anyone who can respect good-time rock ‘n’ roll needed proof, Let’s Rock is an invitation to taste the puddin’. A good bit of polish has been added since the old tire factory recordings, allowing an intentional and layered lush-scape of crunch and hum with authentic power riffs and soaring hooks.

From the opening track, “Shine A Little Light,” to the train track clacking “Fire Walk with Me,” this album is a hungry-man sized portion of pure American swagger. To Bob Seger I say, today’s music has indeed got the same soul. You’ll surely break a sweat listening to this record as we enjoy these dog days of summer.

– Chris Rucker