Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music Vols 1 & 2 — Ray Charles

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More than a century ago the revolutionary recording of Ray Charles’ Modern Sounds in Country Music Vols, 1 & 2 hit the local record stores and juke joints with much anticipation — and extreme caution.

Charles, who was already a chart-climbing megastar by 1962, decided to shock the pop pool with a risky departure to country. Modern Sounds forged the path and set the trend for this genre cross-over phenomenon that solidified Charlie Pride and gave second wind to Darius Rucker.

This album is a compilation of 24 amazing country and western tracks that inspired Charles while he was growing up on the Georgia-Florida line. A sonic boom of lush, big-band and orchestral arrangements create a magical and vast landscape for the raspy full soul of Charles’ arching belts. Each song is cradled with an angelic chorus and clever wit in a fishbowl of

– Chris Rucker