Music — Benny Sings

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If you are looking for some tunes to toss into your 2021 vacation playlist, look no further than Music.

Tim van Berkestijn, aka Benny Sings, returns with his eighth studio release and is bringing a car-top carrier of awesome. He may be a new spin for most, but he has been blasting rays of sunshine for most of the decade with his smooth, poppy-funk-jazzy-R&B soul vibes.

With every release, there is a consistent dose of vitamin D that delivers a bright and catchy sensation that beckons lawn chairs and box fans for miles.

Music is a 10-track rhythm and groove machine that packs a modern-retro collective of tight-spun rhythm and synth with loose-wrapped vocals that create ambient tones of summer. Notable tracks of sunny goodness include “Break Away,” “Rolled Up” and “Nobody’s Fault,” but SPF is required for “Sunny Afternoon,” which is by far this summer’s anthem.

If you are new to the Benniverse, Music is perfect to test the waters before your Triple Lindy into the deep catalog of records past.

As we pack up the school year and extend our toes and minds into the ocean of much needed rest and relaxation, may Music be the perfect, tropical, refreshing, fruity, cool, carefree companion for your jaunt.

– Chris Rucker