Rearrange Us — Mt. Joy

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After the year we’ve had, it’s safe to say the traditional roar into the new year will be met with the fresh wind of cautious optimism and a rejuvenated spirit of a new day dawning. The noise of the year past is behind us, and this year is a welcomed friend.

Easing back into the groove is on tap for most of us, and the perfect soundtrack to put on like a pair of fresh socks is Rearrange Us, the latest release from the West Coast jangle-rockers Mt. Joy.

Though only the sophomore release, Rearrange Us is a lush, easy-gaze 13 tracks of authentic Americana groove sensation. Mt. Joy, known for high energy Mumford & Sons-esque clomp-stomp new grass, takes a melodic and intentional wide-coasting turn as Rearrange Us reminds us that life goes on, and if we stop long enough to enjoy the warm breeze of grand things ahead with gratitude for past experience, we will find love, courage and empowerment in the company of those we hold close.

This new release is best consumed as a tune casserole, but some of the standout flavors are the groove-70s lo-fi title track “Rearrange Us,” the funk-fused “My Vibe” and the beautiful winter warm-sun laden “Every Holiday.”

Hello, 2021. Nice to see you.

– Chris Rucker