Reunions — Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit

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To say that the challenges of the past few months have been any less than demanding is an understatement. The longing for reconnection has been a staple in most minds, and the word “normal” has prompted many a search of reality and soul.

An immensely powerful retrospective, combined with a windshield-wide view of hope, Reunions delivers an inspiring and relatable gathering of plight and welcomes everyone to sing along. Often labeled by the industry as country, Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit channels groove over genre and lets storytelling be the catalyst to sound.

The album starts off with an undercurrent funk vibe in “What Have I Done to Help,” a plea for mending and recovery wrapped in a lush repetitive gallop of layered guitar slides and hum-strum. The momentum builds with the fragrant and deeply impressive “Dreamsicle” and continues the 10-tracked journey of refreshing and honest relatability. Isbell’s uncanny knack for tapping into the complexities of life while offering a simple and pleasing soundtrack makes Reunions a timely gem.

– Chris Rucker