Sharecropper’s Son – Robert Finely

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As the world thaws and the lazy ol’ sun lingers a little longer, the warmth of a welcomed season deserves a soundtrack to usher in the good times ahead. Robert Finely, a funky blues soul sensation from the backwoods of Louisiana, is a hot griddle of genuine awesome. At 68, he has made a veteran mark on the blues scene while only being discovered a few years ago.

In true blues fashion, he comes with an unassuming plug of spitfire equipped with a meat ’n’ three buffet of soul and a lifetime of road-weary stories and grit guaranteed to satisfy. Sharecropper’s Son is lightening sauce in a bottle, and with Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys behind the console, this album is packed with some mighty fine organic produce.

Layers of horns, harmonicas, thumps, tambourines and harmonies are a feast for the listener – and did I hear spoons for dessert? Clocking in at just under 40 minutes, this 10-track masterpiece is best served on repeat as the goods get sweeter and more flavorful with each pass.

Finely is an instant legend with dues paid forward and backwards and is a living testament to why marching into warmer weather never sounded so good. Let the good times rock and roll.

– Chris Rucker