Shore — Fleet Foxes

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Delivering a seemingly effortless and quite calculated seasonal classic with its latest album, Shore, Fleet Foxes timed the release to the autumn equinox on September 22. The first track, “Wading in Waist-High Water,” opens gently with the first line, “Summer’s all over,” offering a metaphoric, low-tide reprieve to emerging from challenging times to an optimistic future.

The Foxes front man and primary contributor, Robin Pecknold, utilized the advantage of isolation and nature to tap reflective chords that resound throughout the album. The breezy 15 tracks echo lush instrumentation and the trademarked harmonies indigenous to their signature sound.

Pecknold’s love of surf and outdoors lured him into writing most of Shore behind the wheel of his surfboard- and camping equipment-stuffed 4Runner on a quest for West Coast utopian serenity. It beckons listeners to find their own “shore” of peace and rejuvenation.

Most tracks, composed and recorded solely by Pecknold, carve out a Grand Canyon of sound that boosts vibrant mountain leaf-changing colors, blends the rich pastels of a sunrise over the lake, or blazes the fiery burnt orange of a sunset over the ocean horizon.

Shore is crisp breath of fresh air — the soundtrack of cinnamon-fused steam that rises from a cup of happiness.

– Chris Rucker