Sigma Oasis — Phish

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This world, this world, this crazy world I know—It turns, it turns, and the long night’s over and the sun’s coming up — it’s gonna be alright. Everything’s right.”

There are no finer lyrics to hear during our new abnormal. Vermont’s own legends of rock and reel, Phish, return with a barrel of goodness and optimism with their 15th studio release, Sigma Oasis.

S.O. marks the return of a formula that has not been in the Phish regimen for nearly 20 years—road-tested and refined songs with the lyrical backing of long-time contributor, Tom Marshall.

Craftsmanship and camaraderie are the undercurrent glue that really shines throughout the nine-track jaunt, which focuses less on kitchy hooks and creates a wide ripple of soothing grooves and warm jams. Each track sprints to the next with a gentle baton handoff, creating a seamless sonic marathon that makes pressing the <skip> button virtually impossible.

Call it foreshadowing or happy coincidence, Sigma Oasis brings new rhythm and cadence to a time when it’s needed most. As stated perfectly during the reprise of the track “Mercury,” “The net’s unbreakable—Don’t worry about falling.”

As the current times find us adjusting to interesting and tumultuous territories of unknown, music is a steady reminder of normalcy.

– Chris Rucker