Special Reserve — Gaelic Storm

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As we enter into the remnants of winter, we catch a whiff of greener days ahead. The month of March is a calm before the storm around here, and there is nothing finer than kicking off the Rites of Spring with some Irish tradition.

Take a deep dive into the barrels of blarney goodness with Gaelic Storm, a five-piece Irish folk-jig band that has been stirring the pot of sonic gold for nearly 24 years and has at least 24 more to go.

With 13 albums under the kilt, The Storm has clogged its way into the soul of traditional pub goers and rainbow chasers. Thanks to fiery fiddles and quick-wit sea chanties, Gaelic Storm wafts strong camaraderie and mug-raising cheer with each release.

Most notably, their 2003 release, Special Reserve, is a compilation of hits that encapsulate the raw energy and feverish melodies that hook and swirl with locked-arm induced table dancing appeal. The album is just the tip of the iceberg in The Storm’s sea of walloping good times, and to add a bit of trivia, Gaelic Storm also is the steerage band featured in the 1997 blockbuster, Titanic.

Along with the finest green threads, a bar of Irish Spring and a frosty mug, make sure your March essentials kit comes fully stocked with the proper sounds of the season. Katy bar the door — there’s a Gaelic Storm coming!

– Chris Rucker