Squalls [Expanded Remastered Edition]

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SQUALLSIt is no secret that Athens, Georgia has been, and remains, a cultural and creative hub of energy with a rich musical history. With alum like R.E.M., The B-52s and Widespread Panic, the Classic City inspires, births and propagates some of the finest sounds available anywhere.

During the height of the blossoming Athens-mania (early- to mid-1980s), a sound collective emerged from a group of wandering seasoned musicians who formed one of the most eclectic and innovative bands to date called Squalls.

With a palette of influences from The Beatles, Lovin’ Spoonful, Funkadelic, Talking Heads, Grateful Dead and doo wop music, Squalls had a mass appeal and immediately gained status and respect among the welcoming Athens scene.

In the decades that followed, many of their recordings became rare relics and finds at record stores. Until now. Athens-based Propellor Sound Recordings recently dusted and baked all of the original tracks for the first release in a newly remastered and expanded three-album reissue series. 

With unreleased demos and a follow-up single, this expanded version of the band’s 1984 self-released EP features their most well-known songs, “Elephant Radio” and “Na Nanana,” and captures the purest essence of the band with its many layers of lush instrumentation and pop jive — a true gem that is now available for a new generation of listeners.

– Chris Rucker