The Garden — Motel Radio

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While humidity packs up shop to make room for crisp air, Motel Radio, the Louisiana indie-folk rock quartet, pulls the sweaters and blankets from the attic on their third studio release, The Garden.

In the time since their last release, Siesta Del Sol, the landscape of the world had a pandemic makeover. Rather than letting circumstances dictate their direction and possible demise, the rally of prevailing optimism became Motel’s M.O.

The harvest of real-life experiences and emotions became a feast for their latest 10-song masterpiece, and this album is a reflection on what’s most important in life: relationships with loved ones, mental and physical health and finding appreciation and love for every moment, every circumstance.

The Garden is a solid listen front to back, with notables like the slow-strut but deceivingly upbeat “Me & My Sunshine,” the brisk morning stroll of “Automatic” and the twice-baked soulful “Happiness Pie.”

As we ease into the swirls of seasonal transition, we trade Popsicles for pumpkin-spiced libations in anticipation of autumn’s reprieve, where the crisp-cool elation of prevailing optimism is ripe for the picking.

– Chris Rucker