The Gleam III — The Avett Brothers

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In the age of reset and refresh, The Avett Brothers exude serious retrospective and philosophical vibes on their latest installment of their Gleam EP series, The Gleam III

A series that began in 2006, The Gleam projects are intimate sound nuggets that are void of the full-bodied arrangements and support of the entire band ensemble with a comforting glow of back-to-basics charm as a trio.

The Avett Brothers plus one, bassist Bob Crawford, deliver an acoustic spiritual journey of heartbreaking valleys wrapped in resounding peaks of hope with a core emphasis on accountability and raw kinship that spotlights the brother’s underrated yet colossal lyrical style and prowess.

Similar to a novel of short stories, each of the eight tracks have varying degrees of grit and charm that do not rely on thematic or long-play flow but connect with soul and intentionality that rallies the diehards and recruit newcomers into an unincorporated Avett county of fellowship and legacy —  a place where everyone experiences the beauty of life lessons that birth tradition and feed generations with passionate hope and the belief in camaraderie and connection.

– Chris Rucker