Things Are Great — Band of Horses

Listen To This

band of horsesJust like that, the page has turned. With another trip around the sun, it’s time for new trails to blaze and a soundtrack to transition us into the next adventure.

As time and luck would have it, the very appropriately named Things Are Great by the Band of Horses saddles up a 10-pack of tunes for the ride.

The Horses have been galloping down the road of organic success with strong momentum for the better part of 17 years. After a five-year recording hiatus and a few switches in the lineup, they are focused on living in the moment with amp-ticipation for what the future holds.

Things Are Great captures their signature echoing, free-flowing vibe, but the intensity and passion of frontman Ben Bridewell’s songwriting reflects the unexpected twists and turns of life that turn into optimism coupled with tongue-and-cheekiness to fill the ironic gaps.

Sonically, from the power-punching drive of “Warning Signs” and “Crutch” to the gentle breezy flow of “Aftermath” and “You Are Nice to Me,” Things Are Great gives seasoned fans a familiar vibe and extends the reins to a new posse of listeners for years to come.

Giddy-up 2023 — let’s roll.

– Chris Rucker