Tides of a Teardrop — Mandolin Orange

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Tides of a Teardrop — Mandolin OrangeA holler from the North Carolina hills becomes one of 2019’s sweetest tonal finds. Mandolin Orange — whose warm molasses trickle-strums and buttery brush cadence has been gaining serious traction in the Roots Revival scene since their 2016 breakout, Blindfaller — has paid the dues forward and documented every left turn for their official fifth release, Tides of a Teardrop.

Nostalgia is the horse pill-sized nucleus of inspiration for the songwriting grit and complementing delivery as each song expands instrumentally into intentional swells beyond the trickling mandolin and rhythm acoustic staple that has branded Mandolin Orange’s sound and appeal. Each song is set on an old farm table of naturally fragrant wildflowers and tarragon with a hint of morning-after bonfire soot.

Tracks like the creek-current-rumbling “Golden Embers” shares the need for companionship in mending a brokenness, while the shoe-drag waltzing number, “Mother Deer” is an epiphanic call to nature and the miracles of creation.

Each ensemble is perfectly crafted to provide range and depth while forging a path through life’s barriers and triumphs. Tides of a Teardrop is the perfect layer of solitude in the midst of March madness and preparation for the newness of spring.

– Chris Rucker