Wednesdays, Big Colors, Chris — Ryan Adams

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RYAN ADAMSUnless your name is Prince, releasing three albums of solid new material over the course of a year is a feat that is absolutely crazy by most standards. Not only did singer-songwriter Ryan Adams effortlessly deliver, he surpassed the goal by releasing a double album encore.

With an abundance of inspiration and grit, the first album, Wednesdays, is an acoustic-filled retro-introspective of mellow Americana. With heart on sleeve and tank full of experiential soul, the journey of heartache, triumph and the winding roads in between makes Wednesdays the perfect lazy porch swing soundtrack.

The next release, Big Colors, is a 12-track rock ’n’ roll fantasy wrapped in a nostalgic Bruce Springsteen-meets-Rick Springfield vibe with catchy hooks and warm layers of vibrant wild abandon.

The grand finale in the Adams trifecta is the double album, Chris, an ode to Adams’ older brother who passed away a few years ago. Chris harkens back to the early Adams catalog, and for the diehard fans, there is a hint of his prior band, Whiskey Town, in the mix.

Much like the discographies of Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and James Brown, two generations from now will truly reap the benefits of Ryan Adams, but until then, enjoy the firehose of tunes and catch him live.

– Chris Rucker