Saturday Night at the Lakeside Supper Club by J. Ryan Stradal

Literary Loop

j ryan saturday night at the lakeside supper clubMariel needs a break. Her husband, Ned, is having an identity crisis, her beloved restaurant is bleeding money, and her mother, Florence, is stubbornly refusing to leave the church where she’s been holed up for more than a week.

The Lakeside Supper Club has been in her family for decades, and while Mariel’s grandmother embraced the business, seeing it as a saving grace, Florence never took to it. When Mariel inherited the restaurant, skipping Florence, it created a rift between mother and daughter that never quite healed.

Ned also is an heir — to a chain of home-style diners — and while he doesn’t have a head for business, he knows his family’s chain could provide a better future than his wife’s fading restaurant. In the aftermath of a devastating tragedy, however, the couple loses almost everything they hold dear. With their dreams dashed, can one fractured family find a way to rebuild despite their losses, and will the Lakeside Supper Club be their salvation?

In this colorful, vanishing world of relish trays and Brandy Old Fashioneds, New York Times bestselling author J. Ryan Stradal gives us another story of food and family filled with his signature honest, lovable-yet-fallible Midwestern characters as they grapple with love and tragedy, hardship and hope; what we hold onto, what we leave behind, and what our legacy will be when we are gone.