Monovision — Ray LaMontagne

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Released this summer by veteran singer-songwriter Ray LaMontagne, Monovision is a self-contained freight train of surprise and milestones.

LaMontagne’s signature analog approach to recording has been a result of his distain (and lack of patience) for computer-tweaked, digi-fab concoctions. But what started as hesitantly embracing a digital demo process brought forth an unexpected sonic epiphany, with LaMontagne writing all the tunes, playing all the instruments and then solo engineering and producing the 10-song collection.

With a digital DIY mindset and a room full of instruments, LaMontagne found himself crafting some of his most expansive and impactful music to date. Each track was birthed through a simplistic demo-style regimen, and by self-experimentation and instrumentation, he found the purest beauty and creativity within himself that had never been tapped.

Each track reveals the journey of conceptual inspiration over the bridge to a beautifully encapsulated fruition of folk authenticity.

For those who are considering taking up a new hobby or exploring untapped superpowers in these days of isolation, may Monovision be your pro-vision.

– Chris Rucker