Andrew Strickland


pysk-andrew-stricklandPlanning Services Director, Columbia County Board of Commissioner 

Number of years in position: 2

Family: My wife, Katie, and I have two cats, Jet and Izzy.

Why I’m Passionate About What I Do: I believe whole-heartedly that we all want to be part of a healthy, vibrant, attractive, connected community—a community that has a little something for everyone. I’m fortunate to be able to interact with outstanding people on a daily basis—residents, business owners, elected officials, coworkers—who all share the same belief. In my three-and-a-half years with the county, I have come to work everyday excited to see how I can play a small part in helping our community become the best version of itself.

Community Groups and Charities I Love to Support: Katie and I serve as youth leaders in our church, and we are blessed to be able to support United Way of the CSRA and the important work its partner agencies do.

Biggest Career or Life Obstacle I’ve Overcome and How: I suppose the largest obstacle I’ve faced is one that I will always face — fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of change, fear that I will make the wrong decision or screw up. Knowing that God has me exactly where He wants me and is guiding me the whole way has given me the courage to jump in, live passionately and do the work He has for me.

Accomplishment I’m Most Proud Of: Katie and I are wrapping up a renovation of a 100-year old home that has been one of the most challenging and rewarding projects I’ve ever tackled. Breathing new life into an old house and the neighborhood around it has made the splinters, late-night crawl space shuffles and countless trips to Lowe’s and Home Depot all worthwhile.

Favorite Way to Spend Saturday Afternoon: For me, any Saturday afternoon spent on the water — ocean, lake or river — is a well-spent Saturday afternoon.

Favorite TV Show: I love “Parks and Recreation,” mainly because it portrays a lot of what it’s like to work in local government. I like to think of myself as Ron Swanson, minus the lush mustache and intentionally poor office work ethic.

Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction. Quentin Tarantino is a film genius.

Favorite Sports Team: Atlanta Braves. Whether they’re good or bad, it’s hard to beat a Braves game. 

Favorite Comfort Food: A plate of fried chicken, ocra and broccoli casserole from Longstreet Café in Gainesville, Georgia. I grew up in Gainesville, and Longstreet is just where you go. Period.

Favorite App: I think I would be a meteorologist if I could do it over again, so I have to say the Weather Underground app is my favorite app. The Mail app is my least favorite app. 

Last Book Read: I’m working my way through Truman by David McCullough right now. Before that it was Deep Blue by Randy Wayne White.

Dream Vacation: I would love to spend two weeks fly fishing in the Bahamas. That would be heaven to me. 

Something That Has Changed My Life: Accepting Jesus Christ as my Savior has been the most important decision of my life.

Best Thing I Ever Learned: I learned in college that your body functions way better when you get eight hours of sleep every night.

Favorite Hobbies: I’ve gotten really fond of afternoon golf. Film photography, traveling, scuba diving and fishing are also high on the list. 

Secret Aspiration: I’ve always wanted to get my pilot’s license. One day.

Reality Show I Would Totally Win: I’d like to think I could be the next “American Ninja Warrior,” but let’s be honest. I love to cook, especially with whatever happens to be in the pantry at the time, so I think I would be a serious contender on “Iron Chef.”

Something People Would Be Surprised to Know About Me: I’m a Jimmy Buffett freak. Seriously. If his was the only music I listened to for the rest of my life, I would never get tired of it.