Robert W. “Bobby” Culpepper


pysk-jan-2017Mayor, City of Harlem

Number of years in position: 9

Family: Wife, Linda Phillips Culpepper; sons, Stacy and Brian and their wives, Cheryl and Melissa; four grandchildren; two great-grandchildren 

Why I’m Passionate About What I Do: I love Harlem. I believe it can be a very special city in the future. We have a great sense of community.

Community Groups or Charities I Love to Support: Over the years I have been a member of various organizations including the Jaycees, Lions Club International, Rotary Club, Coalition for Better Government, Harlem Housing Authority and Development Authority of Columbia County

Biggest Career or Life Obstacle I’ve Overcome and How: In addition to serving as mayor of Harlem, I also am a Realtor at DeFoor Realty in Harlem. I continue to work to convince myselt that, as unworthy as I am, God loves me.

Accomplishment I’m Most Proud Of: I am proud of the reputation we had after running Culpepper Ford for 44 years. And I am proud of my sons. They are good men. They’re grounded and kind gentlemen.

Favorite Way to Spend Saturday Afternoon: Working in the yard and gardening with my granchildren 

Favorite TV Show: “NCIS”

Favorite Movie: The next good one 

Favorite Sports Team: University of Georgia Bulldogs 

Favorite Comfort Food: Barbecue chicken and mashed potatoes

Favorite App: Weather Radar 

Last Book Read: Killing Lincoln by Bill O’Reilly 

Dream Vacation: I would like to take a cruise to Australia and New Zealand. They are beautiful places with unique topography and animals. I find the people to be very interesting. I believe I would enjoy being in their company (and I would love to hear them talk). 

Something That Has Changed My Life: My relationship with Jesus

Best Thing I Ever Learned: I have total control of my attitude, and your attitude is everything. 

Secret Aspiration: To love first, rather than to judge

Favorite Hobbies: Gardening

Reality Show I Would Totally Win: No clue. I have never watched a reality show.

Something People Would Be Surprised to Know About Me: My wife says “nothing,” but I enjoy repairing toys, Christmas ornaments, household gadgets, etc. For a time, my grandchildren would say, “Take it to Pops. He can fix anything.” It was wonderful. However, they have outgrown that phase now.

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