Reynold Borseth


Reynold BorsethReynold Borseth
Sales Center Manager, Augusta/Milledgeville
Augusta Coca-Cola, A Division of Coca-Cola Bottling Co. United 

Number of years in position: 18

Family: Wife, Gwen; son, Jason; daughter, Dena

 Why I’m Passionate About What I Do: I feel very fortunate to work for a company such as Coca-Cola United. It is a company that lives by its core values (integrity, respect, quality and excellence), from our CEO and president to all of our associates. It is 115 years old, and our employees have always taken pride in giving uncompromised service, great execution in our market and being involved in our communities. A company has to have great people to be as successful as Augusta Coca-Cola has been over the years. The reputation it has established today came from all the hard work so many people did in the past and that our employees continue to do today. It all goes back to the people. If you have great people and great brands, you are going to be successful and win. 

Community Groups and Charities I Love to Support: The Merchants Association of Columbia County and the Augusta Sports Council. I know there are a lot of great organizations in our community, but I have been a board member/member of the Augusta Sports Council for more than 20 years and a member of The Merchants of Columbia County for more than 12 years. I just enjoy being a small part of two great organizations and what they give back to the community…which is a lot.

Biggest Career or Life Obstacle I’ve Overcome and How:  Losing our son Reynold Jr. in 1998 in a car accident. He had just started college, and there is no doubt we would have watched him on TV playing for a MLB team. When Reynold had his accicdent, you expect your family to be there for support, which they were, but it was our friends that reached out with love and support that helped so much, along with the memories of all the good times we had with Reynold for the 18 years he was with us.

Accomplishment I’m Most Proud Of:  Since 1989, being a part of all the great teams we have had at Augusta Coca-Cola and what we were able to accomplish. Also, watching our employees grow and advance with their careers.

What Your Childhood Self Wanted to Be When You Grew Up:  When I was young I always thought I would join the military.

Favorite Way to Spend Saturday Afternoon:  Playing golf and then going out to dinner with my wife and mother-in-law.

Favorite TV Show:  “Blue Bloods”

Favorite Movie:  Saving Private Ryan 

Favorite Sports Team: There is only one team…Georgia Bulldogs! 

Favorite Comfort Food: My wife’s fried rice 

Favorite App: Finance

Last Book Read: Small Giants (Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big) by Bo Burlingham 

Dream Vacation (and Why): To spend the whole month of January in Hawaii. Play golf and attend the two PGA golf tournaments and Champions Golf Tournament.

Something That Has Changed My Life:  The tragedy with our son. Life is too short.

Best Thing I Ever Learned: Gather your facts before you make a decision. Don’t assume or jump to conclusions. 

One Word You Would Use to Describe Yourself: Dependable.

 Favorite Hobbies: I love to play golf and go fishing.

Secret Aspiration: Back in the day, to play on some type of a tennis tour.

Reality Show I Would Totally Win: “Amazing Race” with my wife, Gwen. She is so competitive that I know we would win.

Something People Would Be Surprised to Know About Me: I played competitive tennis for more than 20 years at the 4.5 level with great friends.