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The way businesses and people work today is constantly evolving, and con- necting the right companies with the right talent is more important than ever. Workforce powerhouse and author Mike Frazier, founder of Peak, provides a revolutionary alternative to the traditional staffing model.

In addition to providing thousands of employment solutions to local, nationwide, and international organizations for 35 years, Mike shares four pillars of success for job seekers in his book, Mindfulness, Mindset, Moxie, and Mojo: A Job- Seeker’s Success Guide and his upcoming book, That Much More, which will address what he terms as “the war on effort and the rapid rise of poor- formance – in an era when we should be encouraging and developing high achiever mindsets. The future of work is cerebral.”

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Mindfulness, Mindset, Moxie, and Mojo: A Job- Seeker's Success Guide