Jade Knight, Clean Eatz

Faces of Success

Opening a restaurant business in the middle of a pandemic speaks volumes about your confidence in your product.

Just ask Jade Knight. When she opened Augusta’s health-focused, prepared meal restaurant, Clean Eatz, in March 2021, she knew she had a winner.

“I learned of Clean Eatz when I was in the middle of my fitness journey of trying to get back into shape after having my second daughter,” she says. “It helped me achieve my goals, and now I love connecting with customers and helping them achieve theirs.”

The restaurant’s concept is similar to having a farm-to-table personal chef. Meals are nutritionally balanced, and ingredients are always seasonal and fresh. Customers also have gluten-free, keto and high-protein options as well as a choice of dining in or ordering online for pickup.

Along with healthy meals, customer service is key to the restaurant’s success.

“I’m proud of the team we have,” Jade says. “They all bring something to the table that makes them special and contributes to our success. They create an atmosphere that’s fun and friendly, and I believe that’s also why our customers continue to come back.”

During the next few years, she would like to add two or three more locations in the area.

“I’m proud to be part of a business that enriches the lives of our customers and staff while also leaving a positive impact on the community and its health,” she says. “Any one of these four things would be an achievement on its own, but if you can achieve all four, that is true success.”

630 Crane Creek Dr., Suite 504
Augusta, GA 30907

(706) 364-8100