Busby’s Heating and Air Conditioning Co.

Men At Work

Few people continue to work into their eighth decade. Undoubtedly, even fewer spend 60 years with the same company. Then there’s W.E. Eubanks, the installation department team leader and sheet metal fabrication specialist for Busby’s Heating and Air Conditioning Co.

He started working for the company in 1958, a year before Rick Busby, president and CEO, was born. “W.E. has been at Busby’s longer than I have been a Busby,” Rick says.

W.E., who earned his GED while serving in the U.S. Navy from 1952 – 1955, worked briefly as a cloth weaver at Sibley Mills before joining Busby’s. He started out as a sheet metal worker.

“He is an artist with sheet metal. He can make anything out of sheet metal. There probably isn’t anyone left in the country that can do what he can,” says Rick. “He fabricates all of our special metal fittings. He is well-known in the area and in our industry for his skills.”

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