Greenbrier Veterinary Services


Dr. Wheatley and her staff at Greenbrier Veterinary Services understand that fur babies are family. With a new, larger, state-of-the-art veterinary hospital, they nurture the human-animal bond with comprehensive, compassionate, professional pet care.

Services include:
• Separate dog and cat waiting areas
• Heated exam tables
• Comprehensive exams and bloodwork
• On-site laboratory and pharmacy
• Pet dentistry services
• Laser therapy
• Digital diagnostic procedures
• Prescription and therapeutic diets
• Monthly disease and parasite prevention
• House calls

In-home veterinary care allows pets to be more relaxed during exams, making diagnosis and treatment easier. Many animals hide symptoms of illness when they are nervous or upset, and car rides or veterinary clinics can trigger stress, anxiety or aggression. Eliminating travel to a perceived hostile environment can allow for a more relaxed, more comprehensive visit.


1715 General Wood Parkway • Evans
(762) 233-2380