Maggie + Mary – TWO MOMS

Women In Business

For Maggie Douglas, spending time with her grandparents in Tennessee, where her grandfather owned a flour mill and her grandmother cooked big family meals, is one of her favorite childhood memories.

“My grandmother would wear her prettiest dress with an apron,” says Maggie.

And ever since Maggie pivoted from a 20-year career as an RN to the owner of Two Moms Kitchen in 2010, she has baked the prettiest cookies you can imagine.

If you’ve attended a local wedding, bridal or baby shower, gender reveal party, corporate outing, gathering for medical professionals, sporting event, school party, church event or any other place people get together, then chances are good that you’ve seen – and better yet, tasted – some of her handmade iced cookies.

Maggie and her daughter, Mary, plus their staff of seven, bake cookies for any occasion because, after all, cookies are appropriate for any occasion. 

2830 Central Avenue | Augusta, GA