Donatella Armstrong Key – Southeastern Residential LLC

Women In Business

Past experience may have laid the foundation for Donatella Armstrong Key’s real estate career, but she is fully present for her clients in every transaction.

Originally from Northern Italy, Donatella owned a home improvement store before she moved to the United States in the late 1990s. Since 2001, however, she has helped her real estate clients sell their houses or find the home of their dreams.

“Houses have always been my passion and my interest, and real estate was a perfect match,” Donatella says. “A knowledge of building materials and home construction is fundamental to selling.”

Although she is an expert in resale homes, land development, commercial real estate, and the local market, her specialty is new home construction. “I like starting from scratch and help someone build and live in their dream home,” Donatella says. “It’s not just what you can envision. It’s also bringing that vision to life. I like projects and development. I like to look at a piece of land and seeing what it could be.”

4024 Washington Rd. Evans, GA
Direct: (706) 627-4815  and Office: (706) 945-0512