100 Best

Columbia County MagazineWe’re kicking off 2017 with the people and places you chose as the 100 Best from 2016!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you choose the winners?
We don’t choose the winners — you do. Readers fill out the ballots in our fall issues, and the people or places with the most votes win.

Q. Don’t advertisers automatically win?
No, but we love it when they do. The results are entirely based on the ballots. 

Q. How can I vote?
Ballots are available in our August, September and October issues. Be sure to vote for your favorites! 

Retail Therapy

Best Women’s Boutique

1st Place: Summerville Rags
There’s something we need to ad-dress, so we won’t skirt around the issue. Readers say Summerville Rags is the place to go when you want to make a real fashion statement.

2nd Place: Ivy Boutique & Gifts

3rd Place: Crickets Dry Goods


Best Men’s Apparel

1st Place: Boardroom Clothing Company
Formal wear, boardroom attire, corporate casual or weekend wear. Your votes say Boardroom Clothing Company suits any well-dressed man.

2nd Place: Lionel Smith Ltd.

3rd Place: Jos. A. Bank


Best Bridal Gowns

1st Place: House of the Bride
Blushing brides make an A-line to House of the Bride to find the wedding dress of their dreams. The Gown Girls are trained to know just what they want, readers say.

2nd Place: David’s Bridal

3rd Place: Elegant Bridals


Best Place for Fine Jewelry

1st Place: Windsor Fine Jewelers
Our readers have cut to the chase and spoken with great clarity. They say there’s no place like Windsor when they’re looking for fine jewelry.

2nd Place: Jared

3rd Place: Martinez Gold


Best Gifts

1st Place: Crickets Dry Goods
If you need to shop for something special for someone special – even if that special someone is you – then follow fellow readers’ advice and hop over to Crickets. Great gifts, cute clothes, jazzy jewelry – this is where you’ll find it all, ballots say.

2nd Place: Southern Landscaping Garden & Gifts

3rd Place: Mish Mash


Best Antiques

1st Place: Antique Market
Now this vote has a leg, or four, to stand on. You say antique lovers are sure to be present at Antique Market when they’re looking for home furnishings from the past.

2nd Place: Merry’s Trash & Treasures

3rd Place: Romantic Farmhouse


Best Home Accents

1st Place: Mish Mash
It’s the little things that make a house a home. And you say Mish Mash has just what you need in a big way.

2nd Place: Southern Landscaping Garden & Gifts

3rd Place: Cudos2u


Best Home Furnishings

1st Place: Andrews Gallery
It doesn’t matter if you prefer classic or contemporary. You say the furniture and accessories at Andrews Gallery never go out of style.

2nd Place: Weinberger’s

3rd Place: Great Deals on Furniture


best-outdoor-furniture-casual-furniture-of-augustaBest Outdoor Furniture

1st Place: Casual Furniture of Augusta
Sometimes the best place to relax is in your own backyard. And to help you enjoy a tranquil stay-cation, you say the outdoor furnishings at Casual Furniture of Augusta have it made in the shade.

2nd Place: Carolina Pottery

3rd Place: Lowe’s


Best Outdoor Kitchens & Fireplaces

1st Place: Fireside
We had a little fireside chat with our readers, and we took their comments to “hearth.” When they want to be out in the kitchen instead of out of the kitchen, they say Fireside has everything they need.

2nd Place: Pete Alewine Pool & Spa

3rd Place: Home Depot


Best Appliance Store

1st Place: Kelley Appliance Center
Readers are plugged in when it comes to choosing the area’s best appliance store. They turn the dial to Kelley Appliance Center.

2nd Place: HH Gregg

3rd Place: Prestige


Best Consignment Shop

1st Place: Second Time Around
Going once, going twice. . . . Go to Second Time Around, you say, for the best in gently used home furnishings and clothing.

2nd Place: Consign Design

3rd Place: Encore


Best Seasonal Decorations

1st Place: Southern Landscaping Garden & Gifts
Winter, spring, summer or fall. When you want to deck your halls, you head straight to Southern Landscaping for every season.

2nd Place: Carolina Pottery

3rd Place: Hobby Lobby


best-place-to-buy-a-new-car-gerald-jones-auto-group-david-jones-and-andy-jonesBest Place to Buy a New Car

1st Place: Gerald Jones
There’s nothing quite like the scent of a new car. And you say there’s no place quite like Gerald Jones to get it — along with the rest of that new ride, of course.

2nd Place: Jim Hudson Lexus

3rd Place: Master Buick


Best Place to Buy a Used Car

1st Place: Master Buick
Here’s something that’s easy to master. When you’re on the lookout for a new-to-you vehicle, put it in gear and head to Master Buick, voters say.

2nd Place: Gerald Jones

3rd Place: Milton Reuben


Best Place to Buy a Boat

1st Place: Platinum Marine
Readers didn’t miss the boat. When it’s time to make waves, they give high-water marks to Platinum Marine.

2nd Place: Augusta Marine

3rd Place: The Boat Center


best-wine-beer-toast-wine-beverageBest Beer Selection

1st Place: Toast Wine & Beverage
Something’s brewing in the votes for best beer selection. Toast, you say, is heads above the rest.

2nd Place: World of Beer

3rd Place: Harvard’s Wine & Beverage


Best Wine Selection

1st Place: Toast Wine & Beverage

Put a cork in it. Once again, Toast has bottled the votes for best wine selection.

2nd Place: Wine World

3rd Place: Harvard’s Wine & Beverage


Best Place to Splurge on Her

1st Place: Windsor Fine Jewelers
Here’s a pearl of wisdom from our readers. They say if you want to spoil the lovely lady in your life, bring her a little — big is good, too — green box from Windsor.

2nd Place: Jim Hudson Lexus

3rd Place: Tuscany


Best Place to Splurge on Him

1st Place: Boardroom Clothing Company
Hat’s off to Boardroom Clothing Company. You say something from this men’s clothier is a shoe-in to make your guy happy.

2nd Place: Cabela’s

3rd Place: Lowe’s


Best Place to Splurge on Yourself

1st Place: Windsor Fine Jewelers
No one knows you better than you do. And you say that going to Windsor to treat yourself to a little something shiny works like a charm.

2nd Place: The Mall

3rd Place: Jim Hudson Lexus


Out & About 

best-public-golf-course-jones-creekBest Public Golf Course

1st Place: Jones Creek Golf Club
We asked a-round about the best in public golf courses. You told us there are plenty of birdies on your scorecard for Jones Creek.

2nd Place: Bartram Trail Golf Club

3rd Place: Forest Hills Golf Club


Best Private Golf Course (besides the National)

1st Place: West Lake Country Club
You have a grip on your favorite private golf course in the area. You say West Lake is a little slice of heaven.

2nd Place: Champions Retreat

3rd Place: Augusta Country Club


Best Annual Festival

1st Place: Thunder Over Evans
Thunder Over Evans honors our service men and women. You honor the Armed Forces Day event as the best annual festival in town.

2nd Place: Arts in the Heart

3rd Place: Oliver Hardy Festival


Best Charity Event

1st Place: Rock Fore! Dough
Where can you support a worthy cause and have a blast doing it at the same time? You say Rock Fore! Dough suits you to a par-tee.

2nd Place: Border Bash

3rd Place: Relay for Life


place-to-take-visitors-savannah-rapids-pavilionjpgBest Place to Take Visitors

1st Place: Savannah Rapids Pavilion
There’s no place like Savannah Rapids Pavilion to spoil your guests with a sample of Southern life, you say. With its Spanish moss-draped trees; tow path for runners, walkers or bicyclists; kayak rentals and canal headgates, it’s hard to argue with your choice.

2nd Place: Evans Towne Center Park

3rd Place: Masters Tournament


Best Place to See and Be Seen

1st Place: Masters Tournament
You’ll see some pretty good golf inside the ropes at the Masters. Outside the ropes, however, you say the tournament is the best place to get a glimpse of friends and neighbors or the rich and famous.

2nd Place: Church

3rd Place: Lady A Pavilion


Best Place Only Locals Know About

1st Place: Library Amphitheater
Three tiers, er, cheers for the Columbia County Library amphitheater. It takes center stage as the best kept secret if you’re not from around here, readers say.

2nd Place: Savannah Rapids Pavilion

3rd Place: La Cantina


Best Park

1st Place: Evans Towne Center Park
Cool concerts and exciting events, playground and pavilions, splash pad and dog park. Thanks to all of these amenities, you make tracks to Evans Towne Center Park when you want to play, ballots say.

2nd Place: Wildwood Park

3rd Place: Patriots Park


Best Campground

1st Place: Wildwood Park
Readers stake their claim to Wildwood Park as the area’s best campground. This is the spot to pitch a tent or park an RV for the best in temporary outdoor living, they say.

2nd Place: Mistletoe State Park

3rd Place: Winfield Campground



Eat Up

best-restaurant-period-french-market-grille-westBest Restaurant, Period

1st Place: French Market Grille West
West is best, readers say, in a Cajun and Creole way. You like French Quarter flavors for lunch and dinner, and you like them served in a festive New Orleans atmosphere.

2nd Place: Cadwallader’s

3rd Place: Frog Hollow Tavern


best-breakfast-ruths-family-restaurantBest Breakfast

1st Place: Ruth’s Family Restaurant
If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then you say it’s important to have it at Ruth’s. We think that’s an eggs-cellent idea.

2nd Place: Sunrise Grill

3rd Place: Waffle House


Best Place for a Power Lunch

1st Place: French Market Grille West
Movers and shakers know just where to break bread and cut deals. At French Market Grille West, mixing business with a little bayou is all in a day’s work.

2nd Place: Ruth’s Family Restaurant

3rd Place: Eli’s American


Best Outdoor Dining

1st Place: Solé Augusta
For open-air dining, you say the case is closed. Solé Augusta is your pick as the place to go for a side of fresh air with your meal.

2nd Place: Rhinehart’s Oyster Bar

3rd Place: La Cantina


Best Appetizers

1st Place: Bonefish Grill
Our readers are schooled on the area’s best appetizers. They say Bonefish is the top of the line.

2nd Place: Carolina Ale House

3rd Place: Outback Steakhouse


Best Salad

1st Place: Zaxby’s
House, Cobb, Caesar or Blue. Grilled, fried or garden. You say Zaxby’s zalads are ze best.

2nd Place: California Dreaming

3rd Place: Olive Garden


Best Desserts

1st Place: French Market Grille West
Happy endings are always fun, especially when they’re named Peanut Butter Pie, Turtle Pie, Bread Pudding and Crepe Mascarpone, you say. Grab a fork and dig in.

2nd Place: Outback Steakhouse

3rd Place: Inner Bean Cafe


Best Sweet Tea

1st Place: WifeSaver
We Southerners are particular about our iced tea, and you say sweet tea at WifeSaver is liquid gold.

2nd Place: McDonald’s

3rd Place: Publix


Best Southern Food

1st Place: Ruth’s Family Restaurant
Country fried steak and fried chicken, fried okra and collard greens, homemade cake and cobbler. With dishes like these on the menu, no wonder you picked Ruth’s as the place to go for the best Southern food in town.

2nd Place: Honey from the Rock

3rd Place: Goolsby’s


best-barbecue-shanes-rib-shackBest Barbecue

1st Place: Shane’s Rib Shack
Judging barbecue is serious business for any self-respecting Southerner, and you say Shane’s wins your taste test. Extra napkins, anyone?

2nd Place: Sconyer’s Bar-B-Que

3rd Place: Southbound Smokehouse


Best Fried Shrimp

1st Place: TBonz Steakhouse
Now sea here, the tail is in the ballots. As an appetizer or as an entrée, the fried shrimp at TBonz nets your votes as the cream of the crustacean crop.

2nd Place: T’s Restaurant

3rd Place: Rhinehart’s Oyster Bar


Best Hush Puppies

1st Place: T’s Restaurant
We’ll say it out loud. Our readers’ bark is as good as their bite, and they’re howling about the homemade hushpuppies at T’s.

2nd Place: Rhinehart’s Oyster Bar

3rd Place: Harbor Inn


Best Fried Chicken

1st Place: WifeSaver
Deep-fried, crispy, tender and juicy. Fried chicken is a Southern specialty, and you say WifeSaver once again rules the roost.

2nd Place: Maryland Fried Chicken

3rd Place: Publix


Best Chicken Fingers

1st Place: Zaxby’s
You would never count your chickens before they’re hatched. But you’re quick to point to Zaxby’s for the best chicken fingers in town, hands down.

2nd Place: BirdDog Grille

3rd Place: PDQ


Best Chicken Wings

1st Place: TBonz Steakhouse
When you want to wing it, you’re not afraid to head to TBonz. Their chicken wings are top flight, you say.

2nd Place: Wild Wing Cafe

3rd Place: Carolina Ale House


Best Chicken Salad

1st Place: Chicken Salad Chick
Need a chicken salad fix? Get to Chicken Salad Chick, you say. It’s the premium place for poultry à la lettuce or bread.

2nd Place: Zaxby’s

3rd Place: Inner Bean Cafe


Best Pizza

1st Place: Mellow Mushroom
Gooey and groovy and stone-baked perfection. From Kosmic Karma to the Magical Mystery Tour, Mellow Mushroom is the paragon of pizza pies, you say.

2nd Place: Roma’s

3rd Place: The Pizza Joint


Best Burger

1st Place: Farmhaus Burgers
Build your own, or try one on the “haus.” Either way, when it’s burger time, you bet the farm on Farmhaus.

2nd Place: Gary’s Hamburgers

3rd Place: Eli’s American


Best Hot Dog

1st Place: BirdDog Grille
You’ve told us the long and the short of it. You relish the hot dogs at BirdDog Grille.

2nd Place: Sonic

3rd Place: Bruster’s


best-steak-tbonz-steakhouseBest Steak

1st Place: TBonz Steakhouse
No bonz about it. TBonz once again tops your “loin”-dry list as your prime choice for steak.

2nd Place: Outback Steakhouse

3rd Place: Longhorn Steakhouse


best-sushi-tokiBest Sushi

1st Place: Toki
Sushi lovers stick together, and they say to get to Toki – chop, chop – for the finest in sushi rolls.

2nd Place: Solé Augusta

3rd Place: Takosushi


Best Mexican

1st Place: Monterrey
Hooray for Monterrey, you say. It’s numero uno, you know, for meals of the Mexican kind.

2nd Place: Poblano’s

3rd Place: Diablo’s


Best Italian

1st Place: Giuseppe’s
Hey, mambo, mambo Italiano. Italian food lovers unite in their choice for primo pasta and old country culinaria. Ahh, ’ats-a nice!

2nd Place: Carrabba’s

3rd Place: Olive Garden


Best Chinese/Japanese

1st Place: Toki
Sushi, udon, tempura and hibachi. When it comes to flavors of the Far East, you give a big okie dokie to Toki.

2nd Place: Myabi

3rd Place: Hunan Café


best-caterer-katerwerksBest Caterer

1st Place: Katerwerks
Here’s food for thought. For delicious spreads large or small, readers say spread the word: Katerwerks.

2nd Place: The Silver Palm

3rd Place: Tastefully Yours


Best Bakery

1st Place: A Piece of Cake
We won’t sugarcoat it. Any way you slice it, A Piece of Cake wins top spot for best bakery, readers say.

2nd Place: Delightful Bites

3rd Place: Lil’ Dutch Bakery


Best Happy Hour

1st Place: TBonz Steakhouse
Readers are happy to share their thoughts. TBonz has the best happy hour, bar none, they say. Bottoms up.

2nd Place: Bonefish Grill

3rd Place: StillWater Taproom


At Your Service

best-dentist-dr-andrew-allgoodBest Dentist

1st Place: Andrew R. Allgood
Can’t smile without you. With your votes, you crown Dr. Allgood king of the area dentists.

2nd Place: Ruth Ann D’Arco

3rd Place: Anderson Family Dentistry


Best Orthodontist

1st Place: Trotter Orthodontics
We heard it straight from our readers. They embrace Trotter as the top in orthodontics.

2nd Place: Powell Orthodontics

3rd Place: Carter Orthodontics


Best Pediatrician

1st Place: A. Reginald Pilcher
Talk about a babe magnet. When you want to make a good call for your kids of all ages, you choose Dr. Pilcher, ballots say.

2nd Place: Tracy W. Middlebrooks

3rd Place: Jerry A. Miller


Best Family Physician

1st Place: Brett Wallentine
Skilled medical care is always good to receive. It’s even better when you don’t need an appointment to receive it, you say. You give this family doc a big pat on the back.

2nd Place: Sherry Barinowski

3rd Place: David Harrover


Best Eye Doctor

1st Place: Brad Bertram
Readers certainly see eye-to-eye when it comes to naming the best eye doctor. Brad Bertram wins by an eyelash over his Eye Guys colleague, Bruce Brown, they say.

2nd Place: Bruce Brown

3rd Place: Howard Bruckner


best-dermatologist-sanders-callawayBest Dermatologist

1st Place: Sanders R. Callaway
When it comes to naming the area’s best dermatologist, our readers aren’t afraid to put skin in the game. They put their money on Sanders Callaway.

2nd Place: Anna Kay Duckworth

3rd Place: Fred J. Kight



Best Allergist/ENT

1st Place: Edward A. Porubsky
Friends, readers and fellow county residents, lend us your ears – and noses and throats. With your votes, Edward A. Porubsky wins top allergist by a nose over two of his colleagues at Augusta ENT.

2nd Place: Christopher L. Vickery

3rd Place: R. Glen Owen



1st Place: George W. Williams
When you women want to know what to expect when you’re expecting — or are just keeping up with your health — Dr. Williams is number one in your book, you say.

2nd Place: Barry J. Goldsmith

3rd Place: William E. Barfield


Best Place for Physical Therapy

1st Place: Peak Rehabilitation
Surgery or sports injury got you down? No worries. You say the skilled team at Peak Rehabilitation will pick you up.

2nd Place: Georgialina Physical Therapy

3rd Place: Walton Rehabilitation Hospital


Best Funeral Home

1st Place: Thomas Poteet & Son Funeral Home
In times of loss, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed. It’s a comfort to rely on Thomas Poteet & Son, readers say.

2nd Place: Thomas L. King Funeral Home

3rd Place: Platt’s Funeral Home


Best Lawyer

1st Place: Michelle Harrison
Order in the court. Your verdict is in, and you say Michelle Harrison raises the bar as top lawyer.

2nd Place: Aubrey Rhodes

3rd Place: Frank Askin


best-veterinarian-dr-edward-grossBest Veterinarian

1st Place: Edward Gross
The cat doesn’t have your tongue for this vote. To recognize a doggone good vet with a purr-sonal touch, you once again give your ap-paws to Edward Gross.

2nd Place: Grayson Brown

3rd Place: Curt Garner


Best Accountant/CPA

1st Place: The Cleveland Group
We like to give credit where credit is due. Your votes say The Cleveland Group is a real asset.

2nd Place: Anderson, Adkins & Company

3rd Place: Hall, Murphy & Schuyler


Best Financial Advisor

1st Place: The Riverwalk Group
Take your own advice. When you need help with your financial portfolio, you say The Riverwalk Group is in it for the long term.

2nd Place: Tommy Norris

3rd Place: Edward Jones


Best Real Estate Agent

1st Place: Gardelle Lewis Jr.
Whether buying or selling, you want someone who does their homework. You say you’re sold on Gardelle Lewis Jr.

2nd Place: Greg Oldham

3rd Place: Larry Miller


Best Insurance Agent

1st Place: Hoke Brantley
We’ll quote our readers when it comes to naming the best insurance agent. They say Hoke Brantley of State Farm is there.

2nd Place: Preston Moss

3rd Place: Michael Taylor


Best Mortgage Lender

1st Place: Augusta Mortgage
You’re not a-loan in your praise of Augusta Mortgage. You say you feel most at home with this local lender of lump sums.

2nd Place: Georgia Bank & Trust

3rd Place: Silverton Mortgage


Best Staffing Company

1st Place: Augusta Staffing
Need a job? Need to fill a job? When it comes to work, you say to let Augusta Staffing do the leg work for you.

2nd Place: Sizemore

3rd Place: MAU


Best Builder

1st Place: Ivey Homes
When you’re looking for someone to build your dream house, you set your sites on Ivey Homes. You say the company is a real stud in the business.

2nd Place: First Choice Home Builders

3rd Place: Bill Easler Builders


best-kitchen-bath-remodeling-countersyncBest Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

1st Place: Countersync
Time to update your kitchen or bath? You count the ways you count on Countersync for the best designs, materials, colors and services.

2nd Place: Merit

3rd Place: Kitchen Tune-Up


best-flooring-carpet-ad-carpets-hardwoodsBest Flooring & Carpet

1st Place: A&D Carpets & Hardwoods
Our readers don’t tread lightly when it comes to selecting the best in flooring. For carpet and hardwood needs, they say to step on over to A&D.

2nd Place: Hardwood Floors & More

3rd Place: Merit


Best Interior Designer

1st Place: Ginger Franke
Our readers make a focal, er, vocal, point about their favorite interior designer. They say Ginger Franke breaks the mold.

2nd Place: Laurie McRae

3rd Place: Brittany Wallace


Best Florist

1st Place: Ladybug’s Flowers & Gifts
Our readers put up their antennae to spot the finest in florals. Once again, it’s Ladybug’s, they say.

2nd Place: Amelia’s Buds & Blooms

3rd Place: Martina’s Flowers & Gifts


best-hair-salon-dj-coBest Hair Salon

1st Place: D.J. & Co.
Want to make waves? Or curls? Then don’t bob or weave. Head straight to D.J. for a “do” that’s all you, readers say.

2nd Place: Hair & Essentials

3rd Place: Tangles of Evans


Best Spa Services

1st Place: Tuscany

Here’s the rubdown. You pick Tuscany as the spa that makes you say, “ahh.”

2nd Place: D.J. & Co.

3rd Place: Rosewater Spa & Wellness


Best Place to Work Out

1st Place: Family Y
Readers weigh in with their pick of the best place to work out. They give a lift to the Family Y as their personal best.

2nd Place: Evans Fitness Center

3rd Place: Anytime Fitness


Best Place for a Wedding Reception

1st Place: West Lake
The vows have been said and the rings exchanged. When it’s time to toast the new Mr. and Mrs., West Lake is the best place to party, you say.

2nd Place: Sacred Heart Cultural Center

3rd Place: The Barn at Sanderlin Horse Farm


Best Place for Friendly Banking

1st Place: Georgia Bank & Trust
There’s nothing like service with a smile. And readers say Georgia Bank & Trust fills the bill as the financial first choice for friendly banking.

2nd Place: State Bank & Trust Company

3rd Place: Queensborough National Bank & Trust Company


best-place-for-cosmetic-proceduresBest Place for Cosmetic Procedures

1st Place: Augusta Plastic Surgery
Need a lift? And no, we’re not talking about Uber. Readers say to call Augusta Plastic Surgery for the best lift (or nip or tuck).

2nd Place: Troy Austin

3rd Place: Achih H. Chen


Best Place to Board a Pet

1st Place: Paradise Kennels
You shouldn’t be the only ones to have a good time when you’re on vacation. When you can’t take Fido with you, ballots say Paradise Kennels is the heavenly haven for pets to have fun, too.

2nd Place: D’Tails Grooming

3rd Place: Four Paws


Best Pest Control

1st Place: Horne’s Pest Control
Are you bugged by unwanted “guests” in your home? Whether they fly, or whether they crawl, you say Horne’s will take care of them all.

2nd Place: Advanced Services

3rd Place: Tabb Pest Control


Best Heating and A/C

1st Place: Busby’s
Not too hot; not too cold. Busby’s is just right when it comes to heating and air, you say.

2nd Place: Gold Mech

3rd Place: Plunkett


best-plumbing-yohe-plumbingBest Plumbing

1st Place: Yohe
Readers pipe up to pick their favorite plumbing company, and the results aren’t watered down. They tap Yohe as tops in plumbing.

2nd Place: Gold Mech

3rd Place: Universal


Best Electrical Repair

1st Place: Ferrel Electric
Power to the people. They vote Ferrel Electric as best and brightest when it comes to electrical repairs.

2nd Place: Rob Zapata’s Electric

3rd Place: Ireland Electric


Best Roofing

1st Place: Lovelace Roofing
Readers nailed it. They’re singing to the rafters that Lovelace is the peak roofing company.

2nd Place: Enon Hopkins Roofing

3rd Place: Southern Roofing


Best Auto Repair Shop

1st Place: Quality Car Center of Evans
No one has to look under the hood to find your top choice for auto repairs. For quality car care, you choose Quality Car Care, ballots say. Isn’t that perfect?

2nd Place: Jim Whitehead Tire & Auto

3rd Place: C&C Automotive


Best Paint & Body Shop

1st Place: Cushman
We went over the ballots in great detail, and you gave us your best estimate as the top paint and body shop. You say Cushman fits the part.

2nd Place: Rick’s

3rd Place: Kendrick


Best Car Wash

1st Place: Sparkle Express Car Wash
Well, readers came clean with this vote. When they want their cars to glimmer and shine, they head straight to Sparkle.

2nd Place: Top Notch Express Car Wash

3rd Place: Lulu’s Exterior Express


Best Trash Service

1st Place: Augusta Disposal
No wasted votes here. Readers pick Augusta Disposal as the best in trash service.

2nd Place: Precision Waste

3rd Place: Advanced Disposal


Best Tree Service

1st Place: Eben Gray’s Tree Service
There’s no reason to go out on a limb with your choice for best tree service. You say Eben Gray stands tall.

2nd Place: Stallion Tree Professionals

3rd Place: Big Dog Stump & Tree


Best Pool Service

1st Place: Pete Alewine Pool & Spa
When we dive into these ballots, the results come out swimmingly. Pete Alewine Pool laps the competition, you say.

2nd Place: Elite Pool Maintenance

3rd Place: ASP Augusta


Best Landscaping & Lawn Care

1st Place: Southern Landscaping Garden & Gifts
Our grass roots voters have spoken. They plant their support behind Southern Landscaping for the best looking lawns.

2nd Place: Pebble Creek Landscaping

3rd Place: Anderson Horticultural


Best Nursery/Garden Center

1st Place: Bedford Greenhouses
Our readers didn’t beat around the bushes to select their go-to garden center. They say Bedford Greenhouses is a perennial favorite.

2nd Place: Greenbrier Nursery & Gifts

3rd Place: Sanderlin Greenhouses