100 Best of Columbia County and Metro Augusta

JANUARY 2018We’re kicking off 2018 with the people and places you chose as the 100 Best from 2017!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you choose the winners?
We don’t choose the winners — you do. Readers fill out the ballots in our fall issues, and the people or places with the most votes win.

Q. Don’t advertisers automatically win?
No, but we love it when they do. The results are entirely based on the ballots.

Q. How can I vote?
Ballots are available in our August, September and October issues. Be sure to vote for your favorites!

Retail Therapy
Best Women’s Boutique
1st Place: Ivy Boutique & Gifts
Looking good never goes out of style. And the place to get your best look is Ivy Boutique, you say.
2nd Place: Crickets Dry Goods
3rd Place: Swank

Best Men’s Apparel
1st Place: Boardroom Clothing Company
Well-dressed men have an ace up their sleeve. They play their cards right and shop at Boardroom Clothing.
2nd Place: Jos. A. Bank
3rd Place: Lowcountry Clothiers

Best Bridal Gowns
1st Place: House of the Bride
One of the most important trips a bride ever makes is the walk down the aisle to her groom. First, you say, she should make a trip to House of the Bride to find a dazzling dress for the big day.
2nd Place: Elegant Bridals
3rd Place: David’s Bridal

Best Place for Fine Jewelry
1st Place: Windsor Fine Jewelers
Here’s a pearl of wisdom from our readers. They say that Windsor is the place to shop for fine jewelry.
2nd Place: Martinez Gold
3rd Place: Jared

Best Gifts
1st Place: Crickets Dry Goods
Put up your antenna and head to Crickets Dry Goods as quickly as you can when you need the perfect gift. There’s no time like the present, you say.
2nd Place: Southern Landscaping Garden & Gifts
3rd Place: Mish Mash Interiors & Gifts

Best Antiques
1st Place: Romantic Farmhouse
When it comes to antique speak, readers don’t whisper sweet nothings into our ears. They boldly declare their love for Romantic Farmhouse.
2nd Place: Trends & Traditions
3rd Place: Bargain Hunters

Best Home Accents
1st Place: Mish Mash Interiors & Gifts
If homes could talk, they’d choose to chat with Mish Mash accents, you say. We like the sound of that.
2nd Place: Southern Landscaping Garden & Gifts
3rd Place: Cudos2u

Best Home Furnishings
1st Place: Weinberger’s Furniture Showcase
When it comes to table talk — and dressers and beds and couches and chairs —Weinberger’s is the winner, readers say.
2nd Place: Andrews Gallery
3rd Place: Great Deals on Furniture

Best Outdoor Furniture
1st Place: Casual Furniture of Augusta
We can’t sit on these results. Our readers call Casual Furniture of Augusta the best in outdoor furnishings.
2nd Place: Carolina Pottery
3rd Place: Lowe’s

Best Outdoor Kitchens & Fireplaces
1st Place: Fireside
Sometimes the best place to eat out is at your own home. And readers say Fireside is the place to go for everything you need to make it happen.
2nd Place: Pete Alewine Pool & Spa
3rd Place: Lowe’s

Best Appliance Store
1st Place: Kelley Appliance Center
When looking for household appliances, there’s no need to make a laundry list of places to go. Head straight to Kelley Appliance Center, you say.
2nd Place: Lowe’s
3rd Place: Home Depot

Best Consignment Shop
1st Place: Second Time Around
Don’t give this a second thought. The first place to go for gently used clothing and home décor is Second Time Around, you say.
2nd Place: Consign Design
3rd Place: Uptown Cheapskate

Best Seasonal Decorations
1st Place: Southern Landscaping, Garden & Gifts
Pillows and poufs; door hangers and wreaths. ’Tis always the season for decorations for any occasion at Southern Landscaping Garden & Gifts, you say.
2nd Place: Hobby Lobby
3rd Place: Carolina Pottery

Best Place to Buy a New Car
1st Place: Gerald Jones
Our readers don’t spin their wheels. They say to head to Gerald Jones for a smooth new ride.
2nd Place: Milton Ruben
3rd Place: Master GMC

Best Place to Buy a Used Car
1st Place: Master GMC
This probably won’t be news to you. To find the best new-to-you vehicle, readers once again choose Master GMC as the top place to shop.
2nd Place: Gerald Jones
3rd Place: Jim Hudson Lexus

Best Place to Buy a Boat
1st Place: Platinum Marine
No need to rock the boat. Just head straight to Platinum Marine for all your watercraft needs, readers say.
2nd Place: Augusta Marine
3rd Place: The Boat Center

Best Beer Selection
1st Place: Toast Wine & Beverage
Ale, yeah – readers have done it again. They pick Toast as the spot for superior beer selections once more.
2nd Place: Woody’s Spirits
3rd Place: World of Beer

Best Wine Selection
1st Place: Toast Wine & Beverage
They say there is truth in wine. Our readers say it’s true that the best place for the best wine is Toast.
2nd Place: Discount Beverage Outlet
3rd Place: Vineyard Wine Market

Best Place to Splurge on Her
1st Place: Windsor Fine Jewelers
You know the rules of engagement. When you want to let your lady know that she is a real gem, you head to Windsor’s to find the perfect present.
2nd Place: DJ & Co.
3rd Place: Tuscany

Best Place to Splurge on Him
1st Place: Boardroom Clothing Company
Ladies, you know what suits your man. You say to put a bow tie on a gift from the Boardroom to let him know how much you care.
2nd Place: Jim Hudson Lexus
3rd Place: Cabela’s

Best Place to Splurge on Yourself
1st Place: Windsor Fine Jewelers
You say it rings true to shop at Windsor’s for a little special something for yourself. After all, you’re worth it.
2nd Place: DJ & Co
3rd Place: Jim Hudson Lexus

Out & About
Best Public Golf Course
1st Place: Jones Creek Golf Club
Our readers are on the ball. They love to drive straight to Jones Creek for a round of golf.
2nd Place: Bartram Trail Golf Club
3rd Place: River Club

Best Private Golf Course (besides the National)
1st Place: West Lake Country Club
When it comes to course ratings, you give the honors to West Lake. It’s a gimme, you say.
2nd Place: Champions Retreat
3rd Place: Augusta Country Club 

Best Annual Festival
1st Place: Arts in the Heart
Readers were all heart when choosing their favorite fest. Once again, they’re pumped for Arts in the Heart.
2nd Place: Thunder Over Evans
3rd Place: Oliver Hardy Festival

Best Charity Event
1st Place: Banjo B Que
Talk about packing the park. Barbecue and bluegrass take center stage as champions for charity, you say.
2nd Place: Rock Fore! Dough
3rd Place: Relay for Life

Best Place to Take Visitors
1st Place: Savannah Rapids Pavilion
To entertain out-of-town guests, our readers take a path to Savannah Rapids Pavilion. It’s the perfect place to walk, jog, pedal or paddle, they say.
2nd Place: Clarks Hill Lake
3rd Place: Evans Towne Center Park

Best Place to Work Out
1st Place: The Family Y
Work those muscles, people. Where? Y. Why? Why, they’re first in fitness, you say.
2nd Place: Evans Fitness Center
3rd Place: Anytime Fitness

Best Place to See and Be Seen
1st Place: Masters Tournament
No one wants to hide behind their Foster Grants at the Masters. Local or celeb, you want to see it all and rub stylish elbows at the same time.
2nd Place: Church
3rd Place: French Market Grille West

Best Place Only Locals Know About
1st Place: Library Amphitheater
Quick — give directions to the amphitheater behind the library. Wait — there’s an amphitheater back there? You get the picture.
2nd Place: Rhinehart’s Oyster Bar
3rd Place: La Cantina

Best Park
1st Place: Wildwood Park
Ahh, R and R. When you want to get back to nature, you park yourself — or boat or camper or horse or tent — at Wildwood.
2nd Place: Evans Towne Center Park
3rd Place: Patriots Park

Best Campground
1st Place: Wildwood Park
Campers who stake their claim on Wildwood for best campground fit under a big tent. Roughing it or living leisurely in an RV, they say it’s the perfect park to spend a night or two or twenty-two.
2nd Place: Winfield Campground
3rd Place: Mistletoe State Park 

Eat Up
Best Restaurant, Period
1st Place: French Market Grille West
With impeccable taste, our readers know where to find food that tastes impeccable. They agree that French Market Grille West – our own little piece of the Big Easy – is the Big Best.
2nd Place: Abel Brown
3rd Place: Frog Hollow Tavern

Best Breakfast
1st Place: Ruth’s Family Restaurant
No waffling on this one. For a breakfast of champions by champions, you say Ruth’s always scores a homerun.
2nd Place: Sunrise Grill
3rd Place: Cracker Barrel

Best Place for a Power Lunch
1st Place: French Market Grille West
It doesn’t matter if you’re there to enjoy a meal or cut a deal. You like to peek over your menu in Martinez to see who’s who in the bayou.
2nd Place: Ruth’s Family Restaurant
3rd Place: Panera Bread

Best Appetizers
1st Place: Fatz Cafe
You gave us the skinny in a big way. Meals get off to a great start with apps at Fatz, you say.
2nd Place: Bonefish Grill
3rd Place: French Market Grille West

Best Salad
1st Place: Zaxby’s
Other salads will be green with envy. Lettuce give props to Zaxby’s as your choice for best salad.
2nd Place: California Dreaming
3rd Place: Rae’s Coastal Cafe

Best Desserts
1st Place: French Market Grille West
We’ll make it short and sweet. Those who save room for dessert know it’s a winning proposition at French Market Grille West.
2nd Place: Inner Bean Cafe
3rd Place: Boll Weevil

Best Sweet Tea
1st Place: WifeSaver
Southerners know ice-cold sweet tea is the hottest drink in town. Our thirsty readers decree the tea at WifeSaver.
2nd Place: Gary’s Hamburgers
3rd Place: McDonald’s

Best Southern Food
1st Place: Ruth’s Family Restaurant
Southern food is comfort for body and soul. And when it’s time to dine, you fete the plates at Ruth’s.
2nd Place: Wife Saver
3rd Place: Honey from the Rock 

Best Barbecue
1st Place: Shane’s Rib Shack
Pork, chicken or ribs, our readers go hog wild over Shane’s. It’s their favorite place to pig out on this Southern staple.
2nd Place: Sconyer’s Bar-B-Que
3rd Place: Mott’s

Best Fried Shrimp
1st Place: TBonz Steakhouse
Do our readers grade TBonz with “high seas” for its shrimp? Of course not. They give it an A-plus and extra, extra credit.
2nd Place: Rhinehart’s Oyster Bar
3rd Place: The Juicy Crab

Best Fried Chicken
1st Place: WifeSaver
Hey, batter, batter. You’re as delicious as the chicken inside you. Readers say WifeSaver really knocks it out of the park.
2nd Place: Maryland Fried Chicken
3rd Place: Publix

Best Chicken Fingers
1st Place: Zaxby’s
Our fearless readers get right to the point to name the area’s best chicken fingers. They’re not too chicken to say make tracks to Zax.
2nd Place: PDQ
3rd Place: Shane’s Rib Shack

Best Chicken Wings
1st Place: TBonz Steakhouse
Winning wings at a steakhouse? The proof is in the poultry, you say, and you flock there to get it.
2nd Place: Wild Wing Cafe
3rd Place: Wing Stop

Best Chicken Salad
1st Place: Inner Bean Cafe
Chicken salad lovers find supreme inner peace at Inner Bean, ballots say. You’ve “bean” there before and can’t wait to go back.
2nd Place: Chicken Salad Chick
3rd Place: Zaxby’s

Best Pizza
1st Place: Mellow Mushroom
Voters say it’s time to mellow out with your pepperoni, sausage, olives and green peppers. We say that’s groovy, man.
2nd Place: The Pizza Joint
3rd Place: Guiseppe’s

Best Burger
1st Place: Farmhaus Burgers
We’ve grilled our readers to find the best burgers in town. We tell no lies – Farmhaus wins the prize.
2nd Place: Gary’s Hamburgers
3rd Place: Red Robin

Best Hot Dog
1st Place: Sam’s Hot Dog Stand
Let’s be frank. When it’s time to hunker down with a dog in a bun, you give a big hand to Sam’s Hot Dog Stand.
2nd Place: Sonic
3rd Place: Checker’s

Best Steak
1st Place: TBonz Steakhouse
This restaurant is always in its prime. Once again you choose TBonz for the ultimate steak.
2nd Place: Outback Steakhouse
3rd Place: Longhorn Steakhouse

Best Sushi
1st Place: Toki Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar
Readers say Toki is on a roll, so to speak. You repeatedly rave about their seaweed-wrapped sushi rolls of rice, seafood and veggies.
2nd Place: Takosushi
3rd Place: Izumi

Best Mexican
1st Place: Poblano’s Mexican Bar & Grill
Tacos, fajitas, enchiladas, ole! Poblano’s is perfecto for a fiesta of flavors, you say.
2nd Place: Monterrey
3rd Place: El Alazon

Best Italian
1st Place: Giuseppe’s Pizza & Italian Specialties
When in Rome, do as the Romans do — enjoy fantastic Italian food. When you can’t get there, get to Guiseppe’s, ballots say. Buon appetito!
2nd Place: Olive Garden
3rd Place: Armando’s

Best Chinese
1st Place: Formosa’s II Chinese Restaurant
Dine in or take it out. From eggrolls to fortune cookies, voters say Formosa’s is formidable for Chinese.
2nd Place: Great Wall
3rd Place: Hunan Café 

Best Japanese
1st Place: Toki Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar
Teriyaki and tempura really tempt your taste buds. Ballots say Toki is tops for you.
2nd Place: Izumi Japanese Buffet
3rd Place: Fujiyama

Best Caterer
1st Place: Katerwerks
Need to be the hostess with the mostest? Readers give a great reception to Katerwerks for special affairs.
2nd Place: The Silver Palm
3rd Place: Tastefully Yours 

Best Bakery
1st Place: A Piece of Cake
Have a sweet tooth? Finding the best bakery treats is A Piece of Cake, you say.
2nd Place: Lil’ Dutch Bakery
3rd Place: Delightful Bites

Best Happy Hour
1st Place: TBonz Steakhouse
Happiness is a good thing, and happy hour is happiest at TBonz, you say.
2nd Place: Bonefish Grill
3rd Place: French Market Grille West

At Your Service
Best Dentist
1st Place: Lynn Flanagan, D.M.D.
Here’s a vote with some bite. Readers say Lynn Flanagan clenches the distinction of the area’s top dentist.
2nd Place: Andrew R. Allgood
3rd Place: Julia Wheeler

Best Orthodontist
1st Place: Trotter Orthodontics
Voters were aligned. When it comes to orthodontists, you really em-brace Trotter.
2nd Place: Powell Orthodontics
3rd Place: Carter Orthodontics

Best Pediatrician
1st Place: A. Reginald Pilcher, M.D.
No kidding around. For medical care for your little ones, you say Dr. Pilcher is top doc.
2nd Place: Mary Anderson
3rd Place: Graham Pereira

Best Family Physician
1st Place: Denise Kennedy, M.D.
It’s medically all in the family with Dr. Denise Kennedy, you say. She makes you feel right at home.
2nd Place: Brett Wallentine
3rd Place: David Hogue

Best Eye Doctor
1st Place: The Eye Guys
It doesn’t take x-ray vision for readers to see eye-to-eye on the best eye doc. They say the choice is clear for The Eye Guys.
2nd Place: Broome Family Eye Care
3rd Place: Eye Care One

Best Dermatologist
1st Place: Sanders R. Callaway, M.D.
Voters weren’t rash with their decision. They say Sanders Callaway of Dermatology Specialists gives patients superlative treatment.
2nd Place: Anna Kay Duckworth
3rd Place: Daniel Sheehan

Best Allergist/ENT
1st Place: Augusta ENT
Who did readers a-choose as the area’s top allergists? The docs at Augusta ENT, that’s who.
2nd Place: Augusta Allergy & Asthma
3rd Place: Augusta Family Allergy & Immunology

1st Place: George W. Williams, M.D.
No need to labor over the choice for best ob/gyn. You pick Dr. Williams once again.
2nd Place: Allan Joseph
3rd Place: Rafael Jordan

Best Place for Orthopedics/Sports Medicine
1st Place: Champion Orthopedics
You can feel it in your bones. Champion Orthopedics is champion of orthopedics, you say.
2nd Place: Orthopedic Associates of Augusta
3rd Place: Augusta Orthopedic Specialists & Sports Medicine

Best Place for Physical Therapy
1st Place: Georgialina Physical Therapy
Here’s a vote with some muscle. Readers exercise their right to choose Georgialina as the best in physical therapy.
2nd Place: Peak Rehabilitation
3rd Place: Evans Rehab

Best Chiropractor
1st Place: Larson Chiropractic
This was an easy adjustment for our readers. They say Larson Chiropractic will have you feeling like yourself again in no time.
2nd Place: Goss Chiropractic Center
3rd Place: Boutwell Chiropractic

Best Funeral Home
1st Place: Thomas L. King Funeral Home
At King Funeral Home, they say, “Honoring your loved one is our privilege.” You say you’re honored to choose them as best funeral home.
2nd Place: Thomas Poteet & Son Funeral Home
3rd Place: Elliott Sons Funeral Home

Best Lawyer
1st Place: Michelle Harrison
The evidence has been presented. For top legalese, you say Michelle Harrison is sure to please.
2nd Place: Harry Revell
3rd Place: Neil Dickert

Best Veterinarian
1st Place: Edward Gross, D.M.V.
No one is barking up the wrong tree to find the area’s best vet. Readers know they can find their choice, Edward Gross, at Care More Animal Clinic.
2nd Place: Grayson Brown
3rd Place: Curt Garner

Best Accountant/CPA
1st Place: The Cleveland Group
Our readers didn’t save their votes for a rainy day. They put their money where their ballots are to pick the Cleveland Group for best accountant/CPA.
2nd Place: Eric Milks
3rd Place: Hall, Murphy & Schuyler

Best Financial Advisor
1st Place: The Riverwalk Group
Readers have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to sound financial advice. They say to manage their assets, investing their trust in The Riverwalk Group is a must.
2nd Place: Tommy Norris
3rd Place: David Duff

Best Real Estate Agent
1st Place: Greg Oldham
Sold! Buying or selling, the key to real estate success is Greg Oldham, you say.
2nd Place: Gardelle Lewis Jr.
3rd Place: Claire Stone

Best Insurance Agent
1st Place: Hoke Brantley
When it comes to protection that makes you feel safe, readers bet the farm on Hoke Brantley. State Farm.
2nd Place: Carey Tankersley
3rd Place: Preston Moss

Best Mortgage Lender
1st Place: Augusta Mortgage
Home sweet home can be yours sweet yours with help from Augusta Mortgage, you say. You choose them when you want to be home a-loan.
2nd Place: First Choice Mortgage
3rd Place: Silverton Mortgage

Best Staffing Company
1st Place: Augusta Staffing
Looking for employment or hiring is no easy job. Augusta Staffing works like a charm, you say.
2nd Place: Sizemore
3rd Place: Job Shop

Best Builder
1st Place: Ivey Residential
If walls could talk, they no doubt would agree with readers who call Ivey best builder. From floor to ceiling, you say they’re tops.
2nd Place: R.T. Bailey
3rd Place: First Choice

Best Interior Designer
1st Place: Design Dilemmas
Design dilemmas? Call Design Dilemmas, ballots say. Your home will look beautiful in no time.
2nd Place: Brittany Wallace Interiors
3rd Place: Persnickety Interiors

Best Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
1st Place: Countersync
It’s as easy as 1-2-3. For a fresh look in your kitchen or bath, count you in with Countersync, you say.
2nd Place: Remodeler’s Warehouse
3rd Place: Merit

Best Flooring & Carpet
1st Place: A&D Carpets & Hardwoods
Readers have spoken. When it comes to having everything at your feet, you say A&D has the floor.
2nd Place: Hardwood Floors & More
3rd Place: Merit

Best Florist
1st Place: Ladybug’s Flowers & Gifts
The polka dots have it. Ladybug’s once again flies into first place as best florist.
2nd Place: Martina’s Flowers & Gifts
3rd Place: Amelia’s Buds & Blooms

Best Hair Salon
1st Place: D.J. & Co.
Color us impressed. For luscious locks and the best tresses, you say D.J. & Co. is always in style.
2nd Place: Hair Concepts
3rd Place: Studio 285

Best Spa Services
1st Place: Tuscany
Looking for a little old world R & R in a soothing, stress-free atmosphere? Then travel no further than Evans for the professional spa services and treatments at Tuscany, you say.
2nd Place: D.J. & Co.
3rd Place: Serenity Spa

Best Place for a Wedding Reception
1st Place: West Lake
After the vows, you want to hear wows. You get them with a reception at West Lake, ballots say.
2nd Place: Savannah Rapids Pavilion
3rd Place: Sacred Heart Cultural Center

Best Place for Friendly Banking
1st Place: South State Bank
Happy service puts a smile on your face. For the friendliest banking, you put your money on South State.
2nd Place: State Bank & Trust Company
3rd Place: Security Federal Bank

Best Place for Cosmetic Procedures
1st Place: Augusta Plastic Surgery
Let’s face it. For the best body of work in cosmetic procedures, readers choose Augusta Plastic Surgery.
2nd Place: Troy Austin
3rd Place: Georgia Center

Best Place to Board a Pet
1st Place: Paradise Kennels
Pets are family, too. When you can’t take them with you, Paradise is, well, paradise, readers say.
2nd Place: Four Paws
3rd Place: Animal House

Best Pest Control
1st Place: Horne’s Pest Control
Some little things bugging you? Call Horne’s. They’re the best for pests, you say.
2nd Place: Tabb Pest Control
3rd Place: Advanced Services

Best Heating and A/C
1st Place: Busby’s
Not too hot, not too cold. Home and office temperatures are always just right with Busby’s, ballots say.
2nd Place: Gold Mech
3rd Place: Mobley Mechanical

Best Plumbing
1st Place: Yohe Plumbing
Pipes and valves, fixtures and tanks. When it comes to plumbing, voters are plumb crazy for Yohe.
2nd Place: Hardy Plumbing
3rd Place: Universal Plumbing

Best Roofing
1st Place: Lovelace Roofing
When you want to keep a good roof over your head, you love Lovelace, ballots say.
2nd Place: Enon Hopkins Roofing
3rd Place: Crosby Roofing

Best Auto Repair Shop
1st Place: Quality Car Center of Evans
You recognize quality when you see it. And you choose Quality Car Care to keep your ride running right.
2nd Place: ATC Auto Center
3rd Place: Randy Moon’s Tire & Auto

Best Paint & Body Shop
1st Place: Kendrick Paint & Body
Fender bender or bigger boo-boo, Kendrick can fix the damage, you say. You name them number one in collision repair.
2nd Place: Rick’s Paint & Body
3rd Place: Cushman Paint & Body

Best Car Wash
1st Place: Sparkle Express Car Wash
Readers came clean with their votes for best car wash. Sparkle makes you sparkle, ballots say.
2nd Place: Lulu’s Exterior Express
3rd Place: The Shine Shop

Best Trash Service
1st Place: Augusta Disposal
Trash talk is a good thing, you say, when voting for trash service. You choose Augusta Disposal to dispose of it best.
2nd Place: Advanced Disposal
3rd Place: Waste Management

Best Tree Service
1st Place: Eben Gray’s Tree Service
Voters had no problem going out on a limb. Eben Gray wins the day when it comes to tree service, you say.
2nd Place: Big Dog Stump & Tree
3rd Place: Stallion Tree Professionals

Best Pool Service
1st Place: Pete Alewine Pool & Spa
Once again Pete Alewine is making a splash with voters. You choose this pool company for the win in watery fun.
2nd Place: ASP Augusta
3rd Place: Elite Pool Maintenance

Best Landscaping & Lawn Care
1st Place: Southern Landscaping, Garden & Gifts
Beautifying your outdoor spaces? Lawns look lovelier with help from Southern, you say.
2nd Place: Home Pro Services
3rd Place: Pebble Creek Landscaping

Best Nursery/Garden Center
1st Place: Greenbrier Nursery & Gifts
Yard or patio, the finish is in the foliage. For plants that make it perfect, you give Greenbrier two green thumbs up.
2nd Place: Southern Landscaping Garden & Gifts
3rd Place: Bedford Greenhouses