100 Best of Columbia County and Metro Augusta

JANUARY-COVERWe’re kicking off 2019 with the people and places you chose as the 100 Best from 2018!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you choose the winners?
We don’t choose the winners — you do. Readers fill out the ballots in our fall issues, and the people or places with the most votes win.

Q. Don’t advertisers automatically win?
No, but we love it when they do. The results are entirely based on the ballots.

Q. How can I vote?
Ballots are available in our August, September and October issues. Be sure to vote for your favorites!

Retail Therapy
Best Women’s Boutique
1st Place: Ivy Boutique & Gifts
When ladies want to get all dressed up, they know where to go. They frock, er flock, to Ivy Boutique, you say.
2nd Place: Swank
3rd Place: Brittany

Best Men’s Apparel
1st Place: Boardroom Clothing Company
Hat’s off to Boardroom Clothing Company. Readers says this men’s clothier outfits well-dressed gents like nobody’s business.
2nd Place: Low Country Clothiers
3rd Place: Lionel Smith Limited

Best Outdoor Outfitters
1st Place: Escape Outdoors
When it’s time to get your adventure on, paddle on over to Escape Outdoors. Their outdoor toys and apparel are the best under the sun, you say.
2nd Place: Cabela’s
3rd Place: Half-Moon Outfitters

Best Bridal Gowns
1st Place: House of the Bride
Brides-to-be give House of the Bride an A+ for their A-line, sheath, mermaid and ball gown silhouettes. When brides are looking for that special dress in white, the Gown Girls do it right, you say.
2nd Place: David’s Bridal
3rd Place: Elegant Bridals

Best Place for Fine Jewelry
1st Place: Windsor Fine Jewelers
Let’s cut to the chase. Readers say with great clarity that Windsor is the perfect setting to find gems and jewelry of distinction.
2nd Place: Martinez Gold
3rd Place: Jared

Best Gifts
1st Place: Cudos2U
It’s a wrap. Our readers give kudos to Cudos2U to find the perfect gift for a friend – or for themselves.
2nd Place: Mish Mash
3rd Place: Southern Landscaping Garden & Gifts

Best Home Accents
1st Place: Mish Mash 
You don’t even have to talk with an accent to know that Mish Mash speaks the language of home décor. You tell us it’s the best place to find a real conversation piece for your home.
2nd Place: Southern Landscaping Garden & Gifts
3rd Place: West End Collective

Best Home Furnishings
1st Place: Weinberger’s
There’s room for only one at the top. And readers say that Weinberger’s fills that space nicely for the finest in home furnishings.
2nd Place: Andrews Gallery
3rd Place: Great Deals on Furniture

Best Outdoor Furniture
1st Place: Casual Furniture of Augusta
Our readers have the inside track on finding the best outdoor furniture for their homes. They say to race on over to Casual Furniture of Augusta to find furnishings that offer a little R & R.
2nd Place: Carolina Pottery
3rd Place: Lowe’s

Best Appliance Store
1st Place: Kelley Appliance Center
Your votes say the range of household goods at Kelley offers the finest ingredients in home appliances. This Columbia County staple is the perfect recipe, you say.
2nd Place: Lowe’s
3rd Place: Home Depot

Best Consignment Shop
1st Place: Uptown Cheapskate
Stylish shopping on a budget? Readers say people can choose from a wealth of gently used fashions at Uptown Cheapskate.
2nd Place: Second Time Around
3rd Place: Consign Design

Best Place to Buy a New Car
1st Place: Gerald Jones
It’s automatic. No one deals in wheels better than Gerald Jones, you say, when it’s time for a new ride.
2nd Place: Milton Reuben
3rd Place: Mercedes of Augusta

Best Place to Buy a Used Car
1st Place: Master GMC
Our readers know how to get it in gear to find a new-to-you car. They say to motor on over to Master Buick.
2nd Place: Gerald Jones
3rd Place: Milton Reuben

Best Place to Buy a Boat
1st Place: Platinum Marine
Talk about a wave election. Your ballots say the watercraft shopping experience at Platinum Marine really floats your boat.
2nd Place: Augusta Marine
3rd Place: The Boat Center

Best Beer Selection
1st Place: Toast Wine & Beverage
So many choices for brews and ales. But you say to head to Toast to get a six pack that will be the envy of all your friends.
2nd Place: World of Beer
3rd Place: Woody’s

Best Wine Selection
1st Place: Toast Wine & Beverage
Toast has bottled the market for fine wine, you say. It’s a “grape” place to go for red or white.
2nd Place: Beverage Outlet
3rd Place: Woody’s

Best Place to Splurge on Her
1st Place: Windsor Fine Jewelers
How do you show your special someone that she’s a real gem? With something nice in a little green box from Windsor Fine Jewelers, you say.
2nd Place: D. J. & Co.
3rd Place: Ivy Boutique

Best Place to Splurge on Him
1st Place: Boardroom Clothing Company
Letting your guy know how much you care is always in fashion. And the selections at the Boardroom always measure up, you say.
2nd Place: Cabela’s
3rd Place: Low Country Clothier

Best Place to Splurge on Yourself
1st Place: D.J. & Co.
Want to look as special as you feel? Then head to D.J. & Co., you say, where a little pampering and TLC never go out of style.
2nd Place: Windsor Jewelers
3rd Place: Augusta Mall

Out & About
Best Public Golf Course
1st Place: Bartram Trail Golf Club
We didn’t need a little birdie to tell us the best public golf club in the area. Our readers tell us it’s Bartram Trail Golf Club.
2nd Place: Forest Hills Golf Club
3rd Place: River Golf Club

Best Private Golf Course (besides the National)
1st Place: West Lake Country Club
Our readers know their golf. And when it comes to the best private golf course, they say the layout at West Lake suits them to the nines.
2nd Place: Champions Retreat
3rd Place: Augusta Country Club

Best Annual Festival
1st Place: Arts in the Heart
International foods and oodles of artwork and dance. Readers say Arts in the Heart is something to celebrate.
2nd Place: Thunder Over Evans
3rd Place: Greek Festival

Best Place to Take Visitors
1st Place: Savannah Rapids Pavilion
Walking and biking trails – check. Bicycle and kayak rentals – check. Picnic areas and Spanish moss-draped trees – check. No wonder readers pick Savanah Rapids Pavilion as the best place to take visitors.
2nd Place: Evans Towne Center Park
3rd Place: Clarks Hill Lake

Best Place to Work Out
1st Place: The Family Y
To get the best workout, Family Y muscles its way into first place with the most votes. Our readers feel strongly about it.
2nd Place: Evans Fitness
3rd Place: Gold’s Gym

Best Place to See and Be Seen
1st Place: Masters Tournament
Whether you want to check out the action inside or outside the ropes, you’re sure to see stars at the Masters. And guess what? Those luminaries just might be making eyes back at you, too.
2nd Place: Church
3rd Place: Miller Theater 

Best Place Only Locals Know About
1st Place: Betty’s Branch
Wildlife like ospreys and herons, beavers and deer? A rope swing that drops you in the water and takes you back to your childhood? A paddle that takes you through a scenic golf course? Readers make no secret that this Savannah River offshoot is the best place only locals know about.
2nd Place: Jabez Hardin
3rd Place: La Cantina

Best Park
1st Place: Evans Towne Center Park
Our readers take their play time seriously. And from concerts to playgrounds to digs for dogs, they say Evans Towne Center Park has it all.
2nd Place: Wildwood Park
3rd Place: Patriots Park

Best Campground
1st Place: Wildwood Park
No need to sleep on this decision. You say that for a little overnight outdoor shut-eye, Wildwood Park is dreamy.
2nd Place: Petersburg
3rd Place: Mistletoe State Park

Eat Up
Best Restaurant, Period
1st Place: French Market Grille West
Our readers have great taste, and they give a clean sweep to locally owned. Topping the list of favorites is the Cajun-inspired French Market Grille West.
2nd Place: Abel Brown
3rd Place: Frog Hollow Tavern

Best Breakfast
1st Place: Ruth’s Family Restaurant
For a good start to your day, eat a hearty breakfast. For a good hearty breakfast, our readers love Ruth’s.
2nd Place: Sunrise Grill
3rd Place: Waffle House

Best Place for a Power Lunch
1st Place: French Market Grille West
When lunch is about getting a great meal and making the deal, readers say that movers and shakers combine the two at French Market Grille West.
2nd Place: Pinnacle Club
3rd Place: Ruth’s Restaurant

Best Salad
1st Place: Zaxby’s
We “leaf” the selection of best salad to the experts (psst, that’s you). And you give the green ribbon to Zaxby’s.
2nd Place: California Dreaming
3rd Place: Olive Garden

Best Desserts
1st Place: French Market Grille West
Have a sweet tooth? Better save room for dessert at French Market Grille West. In-house or takeout, readers rave about their decadent delights.
2nd Place: Inner Bean Cafe
3rd Place: Boll Weevil

Best Sweet Tea
1st Place: WifeSaver
No need to cause a stir. When it comes to the best sweet tea, our readers pour it on for WifeSaver with their votes.
2nd Place: Honey From the Rock
3rd Place: McDonald’s

Best Southern Food
1st Place: Ruth’s Family Restaurant
Meat and twos, veggie plates, cakes and cobblers, puddings and pies. For a plateful of solid Southern food, readers say that Ruth’s rocks.
2nd Place: Honey from the Rock
3rd Place: Wife Saver

Best Barbecue
1st Place: Shane’s Rib Shack
When you want to pig out on pork, you say to hoof it to Shane’s for the best BBQ. Awesome sauce!
2nd Place: Sconyer’s Bar-B-Que
3rd Place: Edmund’s Bar-B-Que

Best Shrimp and Grits
1st Place: Partridge Inn
It’s a winning combination. Your votes for best shrimp and grits and Partridge Inn go together like, well, shrimp and grits.
2nd Place: Abel Brown
3rd Place: Raes Coastal Cafe

Best Fried Shrimp
1st Place: Rhinehart’s Oyster Bar
Don’t let the Rhinehart’s Oyster Bar name fool you. Our readers still choose it as the best place for fried shrimp.
2nd Place: TBonz Steakhouse
3rd Place: The Juicy Crab

Best Fried Chicken
1st Place: WifeSaver
Here’s something to cluck about. You say WifeSaver rules the roost when it comes to best fried chicken.
2nd Place: Honey From the Rock
3rd Place: Maryland Fried Chicken

Best Chicken Fingers
1st Place: Zaxby’s
You knuckled down and told us your preference for chicken fingers. Zaxby’s has a grip on these breaded and fried favorites, you say.
2nd Place: Chicken Fingers
3rd Place: WifeSaver

Best Chicken Wings
1st Place: TBonz Steakhouse
The chicken wings at TBonz are flying high. After all, they soared to the top of your ballots.
2nd Place: Wild Wing Cafe
3rd Place: Wing Stop

Best Chicken Salad
1st Place: Chicken Salad Chick
Traditional, savory, fruity and nutty, spicy – it doesn’t matter how many ways you fix chicken salad. When it comes to this Southern favorite, you say, Chicken Salad Chick is always in good taste.
2nd Place: Inner Bean Cafe
3rd Place: RSVP Catering & Cafe

Best Pizza
1st Place: Mellow Mushroom
The pies have it. You say there’s no topping Mellow Mushroom when it comes to best pizza.
2nd Place: Giuseppe’s
3rd Place: Pizza Central

Best Burger
1st Place: Gary’s Hamburgers
For the best in burgers, readers know what’s cooking. They say Gary’s is the big cheese.
2nd Place: Farmhaus Burgers
3rd Place: Whiskey Bar

Best Steak
1st Place: TBonz Steakhouse
Well done, readers. After a “meating” of the minds, you choose TBonz as the place with choice steak.
2nd Place: Outback Steakhouse
3rd Place: Cadwallader’s Cafe

Best Sushi
1st Place: Toki Japanese Steakhouse
How do our readers roll? They stick with Toki when it comes to best sushi.
2nd Place: Izumi
3rd Place: Takosushi

Best Mexican
1st Place: Poblano’s
Who gets the most votes for the best food from South of the Border? Readers serve the whole enchilada to Poblano’s.
2nd Place: Monterrey
3rd Place: El Kiosco

Best Chinese/ Japanese
1st Place: Toki Japanese Steakhouse
Talk about Orient expression. Our readers say Toki is the place to go for Chinese/Japanese food.
2nd Place: Myabi
3rd Place: Yosko

Best Caterer
1st Place: Tastefully Yours
For a little help in throwing the perfect soiree, you know which catering company can take good care of your company. You say Tastefully Yours is the life of the party.
2nd Place: Katerwerks
3rd Place: Silver Palm

Best Bakery
1st Place: A Piece of Cake
Any way you slice it, you call A Piece of Cake the bread and butter of area bakeries. How sweet it is.
2nd Place: Lil’ Dutch Bakery
3rd Place: Delightful Bites

Best Sports Bar
1st Place: Carolina Ale House
Our readers are on the ball. To watch the big game with their friends, they say Carolina Ale House scores.
2nd Place: Robbie’s
3rd Place: Wild Wing Cafe

Best Happy Hour
1st Place: TBonz Steakhouse
Drink this in. For best happy hour, readers raise a glass to TBonz.
2nd Place: Shannon’s
3rd Place: Bonefish

At Your Service
Best Dentist
1st Place: Belair Dental
When it comes to oral exams, readers say no one passes the test better than Belair Dental. It’s a crowning achievement.
2nd Place: Julia Wheeler
3rd Place: Andrew Allgood

Best Orthodontist

1st Place: Trotter Orthodontics
Let’s play this one straight. When it comes to orthodontics, readers say Trotter is something to smile about.
2nd Place: Powell Orthodontics
3rd Place: Carter Orthodontics

Best Pediatrician
1st Place: Steven Jones
Looking for someone to care for your little ones? Readers say Dr. Steven Jones is the poster child for pediatricians.
2nd Place: Sandra Herzwurm
3rd Place: A. Reginald Pilcher

Best Family Physician
1st Place: J. David Harrover
Well, well, well. To keep your family feeling fit, you say to check out Dr. David Harrover for a checkup.
2nd Place: Robert A. Price
3rd Place: David Hogue

Best Eye Doctor
1st Place: The Eye Guys
Here’s how you see it. When it comes to pampering your peepers, you say The Eye Guys are off the charts.
2nd Place: Augusta Eye MD
3rd Place: Broome Family Eye Center

Best Dermatologist
1st Place: Sanders R. Callaway
We fleshed out your votes. You say Dr. Sanders Callaway is the top doc to save your skin.
2nd Place: Anna Kay Duckworth
3rd Place: Frances T. Florentino

Best Allergist/ENT
1st Place: Augusta ENT
We ’ear you loud and clear, and nobody “nose” where to find the best allergist/ENT better than you. You give a full-throated vote of confidence to Augusta ENT.
2nd Place: Augusta Allergy & Asthma
3rd Place: Augusta Family Allergy & Immunology

1st Place: George W. Williams
Our readers weren’t born yesterday. They named Dr. George Williams as the area’s best OB/GYN.
2nd Place: Mark Gresham
3rd Place: William E. Barfield

Best Place for Orthopedics/Sports Medicine
1st Place: Champion Orthopedics
Make no bones about it. Our readers say Champion Orthopedics is a winner for the best in orthopedist/sports medicine.
2nd Place: Orthopedic Associates of Augusta
3rd Place: Augusta Orthopedic Specialists & Sports Medicine

Best Place for Physical Therapy
1st Place: Georgialina Physical Therapy
If you have a pain or a sprain or a strain, then you know just what to do. You trust the experts at Georgialina Physical Therapy to make it all better.
2nd Place: Peak Rehabilitation
3rd Place: Harrington Park

Best Chiropractor
1st Place: Larson Chiropractic
He’s back. Readers once again say Dr. Eric Larson has the magic touch as the area’s best chiropractor.
2nd Place: Goss Chiropractic Center
3rd Place: Kim Lombardy

Best Lawyer
1st Place: Michelle Harrison
The verdict is rendered. Our readers acquitted themselves well when they judged Michelle Harrison as the area’s top attorney.
2nd Place: Harry Revell
3rd Place: Steve Sanders

Best Veterinarian
1st Place: Edward Gross, D.M.V.
Teachers aren’t the only ones who have their pets – so do our animal-loving readers. And they say their pet vet is Dr. Edward Gross at Care More Animal Clinic.
2nd Place: Grayson Brown
3rd Place: Ashley Wheatley

Best Accountant/CPA
1st Place: The Cleveland Group
We added up your votes, and it wasn’t taxing at all. You say The Cleveland Group is the area’s number one accountant/CPA firm.
2nd Place: Hall, Murphy & Associates
3rd Place: Serotta Maddocks Evans

Best Financial Advisor
1st Place: The Riverwalk Group
For best financial advisor, The Riverwalk Group cornered the market with your votes. What an asset to the region.
2nd Place: Tommy Norris
3rd Place: Jeff Fehrman

Best Real Estate Agent
1st Place: Gardelle Lewis Jr.
Everyone knows there’s no place like home. Our readers know there’s no one like Gardelle Lewis Jr. to help them find their happy place.
2nd Place: Greg Oldham
3rd Place: Debbie Bourne

Best Insurance Agent
1st Place: Hoke Brantley
This is no Jake, er joke, from State Farm. Readers say it’s Hoke from State Farm who is the best at handling all of your insurance needs.
2nd Place: Gould Hagler
3rd Place: Michael Taylor

Best Mortgage Lender
1st Place: Silverton Mortgage
Your votes are locked in. You rate Silverton as the area’s best mortgage lender.
2nd Place: Augusta Mortgage
3rd Place: First Choice Mortgage

Best Staffing Company
1st Place: Augusta Staffing
Readers see the benefits of the services at Augusta Staffing. They say the company makes short work of finding the perfect person for the job.
2nd Place: Sizemore
3rd Place: MAU

Best Builder
1st Place: Ivey Homes
There’s a “lot” to consider when constructing a new home. But any way you frame it, you say Ivey Homes is the area’s best builder.
2nd Place: Vintson Construction
3rd Place: R.T. Bailey Construction

Best Interior Designer
1st Place: Design Dilemmas
Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who has the best interior design ideas of all? Readers say they look to Design Dilemmas.
2nd Place: Laurie McRae
3rd Place: Brittany Wallace Interiors

Best Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
1st Place: Merit Flooring, Kitchen and Bath
When it comes to innovative ideas, you say the cupboard definitely isn’t bare at Merit. The company is the top shelf in kitchen and bath remodeling, you say.
2nd Place: Countersync
3rd Place: Augusta Remodeling

Best Flooring & Carpet
1st Place: A&D Carpets & Hardwoods
If you’re looking to spruce up your home with new carpet or flooring, then you know what to do. You put your foot down for A&D.
2nd Place: Merit
3rd Place: Augusta Flooring

Best Carpet Cleaning
1st Place: Stanley Steemer
For the best in carpet cleaning, you say Stanley Steemer always gets off on the right foot. You can feel it in your soles.
2nd Place: Majestic
3rd Place: Chem Dry

Best House Cleaning
1st Place: Merry Maids
We tallied your ballots, and the dust has cleared. When you want your home to be spotless, you say Merry Maids is spot on.
2nd Place: Sweet and Green
3rd Place: The Housekeepers

Best Florist
1st Place: Ladybug’s Flowers & Gifts
When it comes to choosing the area’s best florist, our readers have a perennial choice. The bloom is always on the rose at Ladybug’s, they say.
2nd Place: Martina’s Flowers & Gifts
3rd Place: Flowers on Broad

Best Hair Salon
1st Place: D.J. & Co.
Cut, set, style. There’s no match for D.J. & Co., you say, to keep your lovely locks on the top of their game.
2nd Place: Tangles of Evans
3rd Place: Hair Concepts

Best Spa Services
1st Place: Tuscany
When our readers need an escape from the nonstop hustle and bustle of life, they know just where to go to relax and renew. They say “ahh” to Tuscany Classic Italian Spa.
2nd Place: D.J. & Co.
3rd Place: Serenity

Best Place for a Wedding Reception
1st Place: West Lake Country Club
Holy matrimony! After the “I dos,” you choose West Lake as the best place to celebrate with the happy bride and groom.
2nd Place: Sacred Heart Cultural Center
3rd Place: Savannah Rapids Pavilion

Best Place for Friendly Banking
1st Place: South State Bank
Cash it in. For service with a smile, readers give credit to South State Bank.
2nd Place: SRP Federal Credit Union
3rd Place: Security Federal

Best Place for Cosmetic Procedures
1st Place: Augusta Plastic Surgery
When it’s hard to keep body and soul together, you know who to call. You say Augusta Plastic Surgery will help you keep your chin (and other parts) up.
2nd Place: Troy Austin
3rd Place: Georgia Center

Best Place to Board a Pet
1st Place: Paradise Kennels
Looking for a home away from home for your four-legged family members when you’re away from home? Look no fur-ther than Paradise Kennels, you say.
2nd Place: Animal House
3rd Place: Martinez Animal Hospital

Best Groomer
1st Place: D’Tails Grooming
Here’s the long(hair) and short(hair) of it. When your dog needs a spa day, you say D’Tails Grooming is a cut above the rest.
2nd Place: Paradise Kennels
3rd Place: Animal House

Best Computer Repair
1st Place: Computer Exchange
Readers tell us they don’t have to travel far on the information highway to find the right spot to keep their computers running smoothly. It’s Computer Exchange, they say.
2nd Place: Computer One
3rd Place: Apple Store 

Best Appliance Repair
1st Place: Mister Appliance
Washer, dryer or fridge on the fritz? Readers say you and Mister Appliance make the perfect alliance.
2nd Place: Rawlins Appliance Repair
3rd Place: Connell’s

Best Electrician
1st Place: Voltz
Don’t get shocked or left in the dark. For problems with your volts, call Voltz, readers say.
2nd Place: Rob Zapata
3rd Place: BZ Electrical

Best Pest Control
1st Place: Horne’s Pest Control
Listen up and let us put a bug in your ear. To get rid of pesty guests, readers say that Horne’s is best.
2nd Place: Advanced Services
3rd Place: Tabb Pest Control

Best Heating and A/C
1st Place: Busby’s
Our readers have a buzz word for the area’s best heating and A/C company. It’s Busby’s.
2nd Place: Gold Mech
3rd Place: Duggan Heating & Air

Best Plumbing
1st Place: Yohe
This comes straight down the pipeline from our readers. Call Yohe for the best in plumbing services, they tell us.
2nd Place: Universal
3rd Place: Flow Pro Plumbing

Best Roofing
1st Place: Lovelace Roofing
When our readers voted for the area’s best roofing company, the choice seemed eavy. Oops, we mean easy. There’s no mistake that they choose Lovelace Roofing.
2nd Place: Enon Hopkins Roofing
3rd Place: Crosby

Best Auto Maintenance & Repair Shop
1st Place: Quality Car Center of Evans
For preventive maintenance or auto repair services, readers never tire of Quality Car Center. It’s the best in the biz, they say.
2nd Place: Christian Brothers
3rd Place: C&C Automotive


Best Paint & Body Shop
1st Place: Rick’s Paint & Body
If you need a crash course in finding the top paint and body shop in the area, our readers are here to help. They say Rick’s Paint & Body will have you back on the road in no time.
2nd Place: Cushman Paint and Body
3rd Place: Kendrick Paint & Body

Best Car Wash
1st Place: Sparkle Express Car Wash
Our readers know where to go to sparkle their rides. They take a shine to Sparkle Express Car Wash.
2nd Place: Tidal Wave
3rd Place: Lulu’s Exterior Express

Best Trash Service
1st Place: Augusta Disposal
There’s no time to waste to find the best trash service. You say to hurry up and call Augusta Disposal.
2nd Place: Advanced Disposal
3rd Place: Waste Management

Best Tree Service
1st Place: Eben Gray’s Tree Service
Let’s get to the root of the matter. For tree service, readers say you can’t top Eben Gray.
2nd Place: Big Dog Stump & Tree
3rd Place: Stallion Tree Professionals

Best Landscaping & Lawn Care
1st Place: Southern Landscaping, Garden & Gifts
We asked a turf, er tough, question about finding the best landscaping and lawn care service, but readers had a ready answer. They chose Southern Landscaping.
2nd Place: Pebble Creek Landscaping
3rd Place: Home Pro Services

Best Nursery/Garden Center
1st Place: Bedford Greenhouses
Our readers are all green thumbs when it comes to selecting the best nursery/garden center, and that’s a good thing. They give the green light to Bedford.
2nd Place: Greenbrier Nursery & Gifts
3rd Place: Southern Landscaping Garden & Gifts