Myers Family Dental

Dental Care

It’s no accident that Alan and Eliza Myers call their dental practice Myers Family Dental. The married couple works together to serve all ages in a family-oriented atmosphere, and they regard their patients and staff as family. 

Dentistry also is in their DNA. Alan’s father, grandfather and sister are dentists. Eliza’s father, uncle and cousin are dentists as well. The couple met and started dating while in dental school at the MCG School of Dentistry.

If not for a summer mission trip to Ecuador while Alan was in college, however, they might have never met. Alan originally majored in business, but his aspirations changed after the trip. “That hands-on experience opened my eyes to the dental profession,” he says.

Eliza, who has practiced dentistry at East Central Regional Hospital’s Gracewood campus for the past seven years, enjoys the engineering and artistry aspects of dentistry. “Every day is different, and every mouth is different,” she says. She currently works with her husband 1 1/2 days a week, but they plan to work together fulltime when the practice moves from Augusta to Martinez in the spring.

“We are looking forward to working together, but need more space to make this possible,” says Alan, explaining the reason for the move. “A new building will also give us the benefit of an up-to-date facility to better treat and serve our patients more comfortably.”

The general dentistry practice, which is moving next to the new Savanah River Dermatology building on Furys Ferry Road, offers preventive, restorative and aesthetic services ranging from cleanings and exams, to crowns and fillings, to teeth whitening, along with many other comprehensive services. 

Alan, who has been practicing for seven years, is excited about the new building and what it means for their patients. “I enjoy interacting with different people from all walks of life on a daily basis to improve their health and appearance,” he says. “They are so much happier when they can smile big.” However, he adds, “People don’t have to wait until we move to the new office to become our patients. Let our family treat yours today.”


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