Beach Basics

Beach Guide

Beach BasicsDon’t…

Wear a Speedo
Ewww. Goes without saying. 

Look at Your Watch
In fact, don’t wear one at all. 

Order Philly Cheesesteak
Coast…seafood — get it, y’all? 

Crank Up the Country
Who wants to cry in your beer at the beach? 

Bring a Briefcase
Seriously, your co-workers deserve the chance to miss you. 

Indulge in Too Much Sun
Unless flaking skin and blisters are the look you’re trying to achieve. 



Wear Board Shorts
Darlin’, these are the hottest trunks for hunks. 

Watch the Sunrise
There’s a reason East Coasters get to see it first. 

Order the Catch of the Day
Be sure to add hush puppies and sweet tea on the side. 

Show Off Your Shaggin’
It’s all about the Tams, Embers, and Chairmen of the Board. 

Bring a Beach Bag
And pack it with the essentials – sunscreen, towel and trashy novel. 

Indulge in At Least One Fruity Drink
You know, garnished with a cute little umbrella (or plastic sword for you manly