Schvitz — Vulfpeck

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Known for their VHS-soul vibe-a-licious instrumentation, Vulfpeck’s sixth studio release, appropriately titled Schvitz — a Yiddish word for sweat — pours a tall glass of refreshing, sweet sonic genius for every ear and skippy-yips to every step.

With a topspin of precision and magic, the Michigander retro wonder kids, Vulfpeck, are back with a warm and wide-eyed groove for the year’s back nine.

Vulf’s back catalog has consisted mostly of instrumental jams with occasional soul-vox provided by Theo Katzman and Antwaun Stanley, but Schvitz is a full Katzman-Stanley pairing that matches the energy and fly-vibes throughout the course of the 10-track groove sandwich.

The album’s opener, “Sauna,” a catchy-hook ditty with a sweet mix of tea olive and magnolia, sets the tone for the entire album.

The disco-inferno punch of “New Guru” and “Simple Step” keeps the BPM at a steady RPM while “In Heaven” and “Romanian Drinking Song” bump and run into a stroke of pure awesome.

The talent and creativity naturally pulled from Vulfpeck’s bag of genius are champion-sized, full-tilt celebrations of sonic mastery that properly bring the swing into spring.

– Chris Rucker