Wait Til I Get Over by Durand Jones

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Durand Jones Wait til I get OverIf you take the heat of local summer and combine it with two parts fresh-cut grass and a dusty dirt road, add a dash of sweet tea and a dab of hot sauce, you’ll have the latest sonic recipe of Wait Til I Get Over by Durand Jones.

Growing up in Louisiana, Jones has a deep pocketful of backroad, gritty, raw and beautiful experiences that he has crafted into a lush, retro soundscape of bluesy-rock, gospel and classic Southern soul.

Stemming from his sources of influence and inspiration, his debut solo album has an extremely familiar sound paired with random flashes of new territory that sew each track into a tapestry of epic Americana. Jones describes the vibe as “magnolias on a summer day” because of the sweetness and mustiness that waft through the entire album.

It’s difficult to pinpoint or showcase a specific song as each selection naturally fits before or after the other, much like a well-worn path around the neighborhood pond. Need a bowl of ice-box-fan-breeze-fresh music? Your dreams have just come true.

– Chris Rucker